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Entry level

Ensure a safe working environment for all employees, executing company processes and procedures successfully. Meet or exceed annual performance goals and solve problems.

  • Reduced workplace accidents by 75% by providing updated and more frequent safety training, and provided updated learning documentation to the corporate level.
  • Mentored and managed employee development plans, increasing job efficiency by 50%.
  • Managed and reduced absenteeism, on-the-job issues, and training for all employees.
  • Interviewed and hired 15 employees in a period of six months.

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Monitor procedures and standards to efficiently produce and maintain high quality products and services. Supervise, train, and coach all production associates, interview new candidates, and extend job offers.

  • Achieved customer satisfaction scores over 95% while maintaining company target objectives for cost, quality, and safety.
  • Maintained records of all phases of production, including safety and labor-related issues.
  • Responsible for day-to-day manufacturing operations, including managing schedules and dealing with absenteeism.
  • Evaluated employee performance and developed employee improvement plans, increasing employee efficiency by 15%.

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Responsible for all aspects of operations, including raw materials receiving, assembly, and shipping. Manage schedules, employees, and workflow improvements. Supervise and train new employees with a focus on workplace safety and productivity.

  • Interviewed, hired, and trained 50 new employees in one year.
  • Exceeded productivity quotas by 20% for the year by identifying new workflow processes and utilizing new training materials.
  • Evaluated and tested newly manufactured products for quality assurance.
  • Managed inventory storage and shipping, working closely with operations managers to reduce delivery costs by 30%.
  • Championed positive company culture, improving employee morale by 15% and reducing employee turnover by 40%.

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