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HR manager

HR manager


Trained HR team to support corporate staff regarding salary, benefit plans, enrollments, and conflicts. Managed hiring and recruitment efforts and new employee orientation. Engaged with employees to promote retainment and increase performance.

  • Reduced employee conflict reported incidents by 50% by introducing new avenues for conflict resolution.
  • Managed employee HR data, including performance tracking, in order to provide analysis for corporate initiatives.
  • Managed training of HR team, including compliance and data entry best practices.
  • Oversaw recruitment process, post positions, and track candidates.
  • Administered benefit plans including enrollments and changes including terminations.

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HR manager


Served as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting and administering contracts, and resolving work-related issues or conflicts.

  • Increased resolution speed of coworker misconduct investigations by 25%.
  • Advised executives on day-to-day operations and employee concerns that may lead to conflicts.
  • Worked with payroll and benefits administrators to maintain the filing system for all co-worker records.
  • Fostered a team-oriented environment by designing employee programs and events.
  • Designed and implement performance improvement plans.
  • Provided support and training to managers regarding individual employee improvement plans.
  • Managed initiatives relating to HR as directed by management.

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HR assistant

HR assistant


Facilitated general HR support to the HR team, de-escalated employee issues and conflicts, and managed recruiting and orientation efforts.

  • Reduced job-listing to new hire delay by 50% by targeting high-quality candidates.
  • Demonstrated strong understanding of hiring manager’s employee requirements by maintaining a high interview-to-offer ratio.
  • Maintained compliant employee records in internal systems.
  • Resolved complex payroll and leave issues.
  • Managed open enrollment, new employee enrollment, and other benefits administration.
  • Maintained knowledge of HR systems and best practices.

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HR assistant

Entry level

Delivered general HR support and records management, to include payroll and benefits administration. Prepared standard operating procedure documentation and FAQ publication to official HR online portal for all 300 employees to access.

  • Found over 30% of employee database records were out-of-date, and designed a process to update data quarterly.
  • Performed payroll activities including corrections, debt management and leave audits.
  • Processed and provided new employee orientation services to new hires.
  • Assisted in new employee interviews and recruitment efforts.
  • Analyzed HR data and provide reports to the HR team.

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Managed all aspects of the recruiting progress, from job posting to new employee orientation. Coordinated candidate travel, amenities and scheduling for interviews. Used excellent communication skills to engage potential candidates during initial phone interviews.

  • Increased recruitment pool 50% year-over-year by developing relationships with apprenticeship programs and headhunting services.
  • Developed new job descriptions and requirements in coordination with the hiring manager to further refine candidate pools for each position.
  • Maintained database of candidates, and provided updated employee records upon recruitment.

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Recruiting manager


Designed and implemented recruitment and advertising strategies while working with hiring managers and managing the HR recruiting team.

  • Met targeted diversity recruitment strategies consistently.
  • Reduced hiring fees from outside recruiting firms by 20% by refining candidate sourcing methods.
  • Led and participated in targeted hiring events and networking events.
  • Provided general market intelligence and research on competitors and communicated findings to the executive team.
  • Managed and created strategic projects concerning the company’s HR-related goals.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to manage any escalated issues through the HR department.

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HR professional

HR coordinator


Assisted with HR initiatives including onboarding and recruitment, as well as maintaining employee files in company HR ATS systems. Experienced in working with I-9 forms for the Immigration Reform and Control Act.

  • Reduced hiring time by 15% by improving communication between hiring managers and interviewees.
  • Assisted in the revision of the employee handbook, including coordinating distribution and receipt, to hundreds of employees.
  • Assisted in all recruiting functions, benefits programs, open enrollments, and billing.
  • Assisted with research on HR-related issues.
  • Managed employee questions regarding benefits and updated employee files.

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HR generalist


Facilitated HR activities such as employee mobility, recruiting, hiring, personnel actions, records management, communications, and training. Maintained and improved employee relationships through internal workshops and other corporate HR initiatives.

  • Increased employee candidate pool by 10% per quarter.
  • Managed the travel and interview process for executive candidates.
  • Conducted interviews for new hires.
  • Managed HR data and employee benefits distribution, including payroll and benefits inquiries.
  • Leveraged excellent communication and public speaking skills to de-escalate issues.

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All job titles HR assistant HR coordinator HR director HR generalist HR manager HR specialist Recruiter Recruiting coordinator Recruiting manager Talent acquisiting specialist Technical recruiter

Objectives and summaries

Summary examples

HR manager

Accomplished HR department operations director responsible for recruitment, employee relations, performance management, and new employee orientation. Train HR specialist on payroll and benefits administration, maintain employee records and manage corporate HR initiatives including diversity recruitment and employee retention.

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HR assistant

A self-motivated individual with the passion and drive to take ownership of new tasks and go beyond boundaries to perform and accomplish tasks. Active listener and exceptional communicator willing to understand conflicts and provide a positive resolution. Noted for taking on challenging tasks in a new environment.

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Experienced Recruiter, processing and recommending high-quality candidates who match the company’s mission, vision, values, and culture. Thrives developing strategic searches for candidates. Interview and assist with the hiring of qualified candidates for all disciplines throughout the company using best practices.

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HR professional

Interpersonal HR coordinator providing general HR oversight including assisting with new hire orientation, updating employee information, coordinating onboarding, coordinating candidate interviews, and preparing reports regarding recruiting activity for the HR team.

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Objective examples

HR manager

Seeking to challenge myself with new opportunities and create a lasting impact on the communication channels between management and employees utilizing my experience in managing critical functions of the HR division.

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HR assistant

Seeking to grow my career by taking up a leading role in HR by working on new HR process and policies coupled with their implementation. Person-oriented and competent individual looking to gain extensive knowledge of managing the relationship with employees.

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Hard-working and committed, entry-level recruiter seeking to combine advanced coursework and hands-on experience in human resources into a challenging career solving practical staffing problems within an organization in need of talented and motivated employment teams.

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HR professional

Skilled HR coordinator seeking to manage the human resources department in a healthy workplace. Proven track record in positive employee relationships and compliance with local and federal laws, leverages interpersonal skills to promote a conflict-free workplace.

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