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HR assistant
HR assistant
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Experience level

HR assistant

Entry level

Deliver general HR support and records management, to include payroll and benefits administration. Prepare standard operating procedure documentation and FAQ publication to official HR online portal for all 300 employees to access.

  • Found over 30% of employee database records were out-of-date, and designed a process to update data quarterly.
  • Perform payroll activities including corrections, debt management and leave audits.
  • Process and provide new employee orientation services to new hires.
  • Assist in new employee interviews and recruitment efforts.
  • Analyze HR data and provide reports to the HR team.

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HR assistant


Facilitate general HR support to the HR team, de-escalate employee issues and conflicts, and manage recruiting and orientation efforts.

  • Reduced job-listing to new hire delay by 50% by targeting high-quality candidates.
  • Demonstrate strong understanding of hiring manager’s employee requirements by maintaining a high interview-to-offer ratio.
  • Maintain compliant employee records in internal systems.
  • Resolve complex payroll and leave issues.
  • Manage open enrollment, new employee enrollment, and other benefits administration.
  • Maintain knowledge of HR systems and best practices.

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