Recruiting coordinator

Recruiting coordinator
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Recruiting coordinator
Recruiting coordinator
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Recruiting coordinator


Oversee candidate scheduling, agendas, travel, amenities as well as the onsite candidate onboarding and training experience. Ensure proper candidate selection by training recruiters and HR managers in selection criteria.

  • Increased average number of daily interviews by 15% by implementing new efficiencies.
  • Reduced candidate travel cost by 20% by developing relationships with travel providers.
  • Coordinate onboarding for new employees as well as candidate interviews.
  • Maintain and update candidate and employee files for accuracy and compliance.
  • Assist with employee benefits, payroll and HR data entry.

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Recruiting coordinator

Entry level

Worked closely with the recruitment team members in designing and implementing the overall recruiting strategy. Consulted with managers in performing recruitment forecasts and established a varied and high-performing team.

  • Collaborated with the hiring managers in identifying recruitment needs and outlining the required skills and attributes for potential candidates.
  • Conducted in-depth background checks on all applicants to determine the accuracy of the information presented.
  • Utilized Applicant Tracking Systems to screen applicants’ resumes and cover letters, identifying and shortlisting qualified candidates for interviews.

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Recruiting coordinator


Transformed the company’s recruitment function through various strategies, including adopting optimum recruitment channels, effecting market recruitment best practices, founding robust talent screening and interviewing techniques, and developing and coordinating training programs for the recruitment team. 

  • Collaborated with department heads to identify job openings and prepare job descriptions and requirements for potential candidates.
  • Took part in recruitment events, including career fairs, preparing information packets, and gathering information from suitable candidates.
  • Heightened the recruitment team’s output through training in ATS usage and sourcing tactics.

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