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HR specialist
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HR specialist
HR specialist
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HR professional resume examples
Experience level

HR specialist


Managed general HR efforts and provide employees with expertise regarding benefits and conflicts in the workplace. Ensured all levels of the HR team are compliant with HR standards.

  • Reduced employee turnover by 25% by implementing salary negotiation tactics and cost-benefit analysis approved by the executive team.
  • Managed recruitment efforts and maintained relationships with recruiting agencies for high-quality candidates for a fast-growing company.
  • Assisted in executive candidate interviews.
  • Participated in on-going training and development and maintaining knowledge of HR technology.
  • Made use of excellent communication skills to de-escalate issues and promote employee teamwork.

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HR specialist

Entry level

Assisted in new staff hiring by creating detailed job posts, screening resumes, and performing exhaustive background checks. Generated and updated employment records concerning staff recruitment, transfers, promotions, resignation, and employment termination. Completed and processed new hire paperwork. 

  • Strengthened compliance by educating new and existing staff on the HR policies, company procedures, and regulations.
  • Took part in the new staff induction process by outlining each position’s duties, responsibilities, benefits, schedules, working conditions, promotion opportunities, etc.
  • Enhanced staff welfare by promptly addressing and resolving all work complaints and harassment allegations.

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HR specialist


Specializing in compliance and data management, supports employees with all aspects of their relationships to the company and other co-workers, including benefits enrollment and performance improvement.

  • Identified HR records risks and issues and proactively resolved or remediated them.
  • Proactively consulted with branch managers to identify potential issues, cutting down on employee conflicts by 25%.
  • Implemented and maintained compliance with HR standards, analyzes HR data and takes appropriate action to achieve desired results.
  • Promoted positive union relations and application of CBA.
  • Ensured compliance with EEOC, Affirmative Action Plans, EEO, and Sexual Harassment.
  • Designed and implemented employee training.

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