HR director

HR director
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HR director
HR director
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HR director


Partnered with the CEO and other executives to support a fast-growing company, managing an HR department that needs to bring in 50-150 new employees per year. Designed training and performance improvement for the HR team to keep the team on track for annual quotas.

  • Reduced employee turnover rate by 25% by implementing company-wide HR strategies.
  • Successfully managed a global HR team, providing low turnover rate and increasing efficiency company-wide.
  • Solved complex problems by leveraging knowledge of HR technology and best practices.
  • Provided guidance and expertise when conceptualizing and implementing company HR initiatives.
  • Audited HR team for compliance across all aspects of HR including data entry, new hire orientation and recruitment practices.

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HR director


Brought on board to direct the company’s HR function as it underwent rapid expansion. Revamped the entire department by instituting new HR practices and standards, establishing new policies and procedures for staff, strengthening regulatory compliance, and introducing a staff performance management program. 

  • Revitalized the recruitment efforts of all the company’s branches by developing interview guides and suggesting strategic sourcing channels, attracting highly qualified candidates for all vacancies.
  • Raised staff morale through employee welfare programs that addressed grievances and violations, achieving a 40% increase in the overall output.

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HR director

Entry level

Pivotal in the development and execution of HR policies and procedures. Worked closely with the recruitment team in sourcing, recruiting, and inducting new staff, coordinated staff welfare programs and performance reviews, and directed benefits administration. 

  • Evaluated the company’s staffing needs and implemented strategic sourcing techniques that attracted the best candidates for each vacant position.
  • Established robust measures that strengthened compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Enhanced staff welfare by developing and implementing motivational and support programs, amplifying the overall output by 40%.

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