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Managed all aspects of the recruiting progress, from job posting to new employee orientation. Coordinated candidate travel, amenities and scheduling for interviews. Used excellent communication skills to engage potential candidates during initial phone interviews.

  • Increased recruitment pool 50% year-over-year by developing relationships with apprenticeship programs and headhunting services.
  • Developed new job descriptions and requirements in coordination with the hiring manager to further refine candidate pools for each position.
  • Maintained database of candidates, and provided updated employee records upon recruitment.

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Recruiting coordinator


Oversee candidate scheduling, agendas, travel, amenities as well as the onsite candidate onboarding and training experience. Ensure proper candidate selection by training recruiters and HR managers in selection criteria.

  • Increased average number of daily interviews by 15% by implementing new efficiencies.
  • Reduced candidate travel cost by 20% by developing relationships with travel providers.
  • Coordinate onboarding for new employees as well as candidate interviews.
  • Maintain and update candidate and employee files for accuracy and compliance.
  • Assist with employee benefits, payroll and HR data entry.

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Technical recruiter


Recommend ideas and strategies related to recruitment that contribute to the growth of the company, prioritizing return on investment and implementing new processes.

  • Reduce company turnover by 20% year-over-year.
  • Drive special projects/recruiting initiatives, including assessment of best practices in innovation and recruiting techniques.
  • Articulate in writing a plan with deliverables, timelines and a formal tracking process.
  • Maintain a network of potential candidates through pro-active market research. 
  • Conduct interviews and maintain high offer-to-interview ratios by understanding hiring manager’s preferences.
  • Drive special projects/recruiting initiatives, including assessment of best practices in innovation and recruiting techniques.

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Recruiting manager


Designed and implemented recruitment and advertising strategies while working with hiring managers and managing the HR recruiting team.

  • Met targeted diversity recruitment strategies consistently.
  • Reduced hiring fees from outside recruiting firms by 20% by refining candidate sourcing methods.
  • Led and participated in targeted hiring events and networking events.
  • Provided general market intelligence and research on competitors and communicated findings to the executive team.
  • Managed and created strategic projects concerning the company’s HR-related goals.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to manage any escalated issues through the HR department.

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Talent acquisiting specialist


Responsible for actively sourcing, recruiting and onboarding new candidates to the team while helping retain and develop existing coworkers thought talent development and performance management. 

  • Increased candidate pool by 20% in six months.
  • Conducted initial phone interviews and increased initial call to formal interview ratio by 15%.
  • Collaborate and work with assigned hiring managers to identify personnel needs.
  • Actively maintain a pool of candidates through networking, job postings, vocational schools, and apprenticeship programs.
  • Organize and coordinate recruiting events, open houses, and career fairs.
  • Maintain proper reporting and tracking of all HR data, including ensuring compliance with law.

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Managed HR recruitment initiatives, anad functioned as the primary point of contact for potential candidates regarding travel, scheduling and onside interview experience.

  • Increased speed of new employee hiring process by 25% by designing more efficient and precise candidate targeting.
  • Worked closely with the hiring manager to refine and understand technical skills needed for new hires and updating job postings.
  • Understood and implemented desired HR initiatives, including targeted diversity recruitment strategies.
  • Developed relationships with recruiting agencies to increase pool of candidates.
  • Ensured compliance with HR standards including federal, state and local laws.

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