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HR manager
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HR manager
HR manager
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HR manager


Trained HR team to support corporate staff regarding salary, benefit plans, enrollments, and conflicts. Managed hiring and recruitment efforts and new employee orientation. Engaged with employees to promote retainment and increase performance.

  • Reduced employee conflict reported incidents by 50% by introducing new avenues for conflict resolution.
  • Managed employee HR data, including performance tracking, in order to provide analysis for corporate initiatives.
  • Managed training of HR team, including compliance and data entry best practices.
  • Oversaw recruitment process, post positions, and track candidates.
  • Administered benefit plans including enrollments and changes including terminations.

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HR manager


Served as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting and administering contracts, and resolving work-related issues or conflicts.

  • Increased resolution speed of coworker misconduct investigations by 25%.
  • Advised executives on day-to-day operations and employee concerns that may lead to conflicts.
  • Worked with payroll and benefits administrators to maintain the filing system for all co-worker records.
  • Fostered a team-oriented environment by designing employee programs and events.
  • Designed and implement performance improvement plans.
  • Provided support and training to managers regarding individual employee improvement plans.
  • Managed initiatives relating to HR as directed by management.

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HR manager


Played a pivotal role in talent management by developing liaisons between internal and external postings which led to reducing the cost of hiring by 30%.

  • Looked after the compensation and benefits by negotiating better insurance coverage rates (down by 20%) for employees.
  • Developed a soft skill training module in the organization.
  • Managed critical compliance with state regulators to provide a safe working environment for employees and reduced regulatory penalties by 10%.
  • Laid the foundation of leave management that allowed the employees to log in and check their entitled leaves by the organization.
  • Ensured that the employees of the organization were provided with daycare facilities for their children at nominal charges with mechanisms in place to ensure their safety.

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HR manager

Entry level

Developed strategies to ensure the turnover rate of the organization comes down to 5% through maintaining records of the exit interview and incorporating them into strategic changes.

  • Developed the human resource strategic plan and succession plan of the organization to best use available talent and resources which increased retention by 10% annually.
  • Oversaw staff issues such as disputes between co-workers and other sensitive issues and developed strategies to ensure that such issues are addressed on a need basis bringing down TAT to 2 days.
  • Served as the spokesperson of employee concern to the top management ensuring that the concerns of the employees are addressed, contributing to the decline in turnover rate.
  • Played a pivotal role in the change management process of the organization to ensure employees were constantly updated on recent developments through the development of “Employees Portal”.

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