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Managed all aspects of the recruiting progress, from job posting to new employee orientation. Coordinated candidate travel, amenities and scheduling for interviews. Used excellent communication skills to engage potential candidates during initial phone interviews.

  • Increased recruitment pool 50% year-over-year by developing relationships with apprenticeship programs and headhunting services.
  • Developed new job descriptions and requirements in coordination with the hiring manager to further refine candidate pools for each position.
  • Maintained database of candidates, and provided updated employee records upon recruitment.

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Managed HR recruitment initiatives, anad functioned as the primary point of contact for potential candidates regarding travel, scheduling and onside interview experience.

  • Increased speed of new employee hiring process by 25% by designing more efficient and precise candidate targeting.
  • Worked closely with the hiring manager to refine and understand technical skills needed for new hires and updating job postings.
  • Understood and implemented desired HR initiatives, including targeted diversity recruitment strategies.
  • Developed relationships with recruiting agencies to increase pool of candidates.
  • Ensured compliance with HR standards including federal, state and local laws.

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Entry level

Hired to develop and implement recruiting functions for a start-up public relations agency to support 12 hires within 1 year. Assisted with the creation and management of a $100K recruitment advertising budget. Presented detailed and comprehensive analyses and reports on staffing metrics that included attrition, program results, time-to-fill, and recruitment success.

  • Researched a diverse group of job seekers, ensuring qualifications and skills met the needs of the open roles of the company.
  • Provided a list of candidates available to immediately work to fill temporary and permanent roles for the company.
  • Reorganized and maintained human resources policies and procedures to streamline employee communications, complaints, and requests.
  • Conducted new hire orientations, provided job descriptions, and facilitated onboarding sessions between supervisors and employees.
  • Developed a strong relationship with the company and provided ongoing recruitment services and support as the business grew.

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Developed and implement strategies to assist the recruitment process for multiple health and wellness startups. Researched local employee candidates, conducted initial interviews, and provided resume and profile suggestions to candidates. Created custom scales to determine candidates’ skills and abilities as related to different job opportunities.

  • Evaluated clients’ needs and revamped hiring processes according to company goals, initiatives, and budgets.
  • Provided guidance, resume, and online profile advice to top-quality candidates to maximize their chances of landing desired positions.
  • Utilized internal employee networks to find talented candidates to fill open positions within the organization.
  • Researched and implemented training programs and opportunities to grow employees’ skills and minimize recruitment costs.
  • Acted as a support system for hiring managers during the interviewing, onboarding, and training processes.

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Revamped the company’s teetering recruitment processes which were diminishing quarterly sales in its region. Repositioned and rebranded the company to encourage sales candidates to apply for positions. Launched social media campaigns to highlight employee success stories and attract the attention of qualified professionals to join the team.

  • Matched executive-level professionals with the company’s need for leadership from experienced individuals specializing in sales.
  • Processed all applications, scheduled interviews, and verified candidates’ histories to ensure the hiring of quality talent.
  • Represented hundreds of candidates and directed them to interviews when the appropriate opportunities arose.
  • Researched companies’ competitors within the sales industry to find highly successful professionals to fill roles in varying regions and markets.
  • Revised and rewrote job descriptions to attract more qualified professionals to fill executive-level positions within a company.

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