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Objectives and summaries
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A well-written objective or summary on your resume can be the difference between getting rejected, or getting invited for an interview. Copy any of these Bartending objective or summary examples, and use it as inspiration for your own resume. All examples are written by certified resume experts, and free for personal use.

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Summary examples

Attentive, reliable, and customer-oriented bartender with experience taking orders and interacting with customers in a high-volume and unpredictable restaurant environment. Confident and proficient team player with excellent problem solving, decision making, and communication skills. Energetic, determined, and innovative problem solver who brings critical thinking and multitasking skills to the table.

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Proactive, interactive, and communicable bartender with excellent relationship building skills and 3 years’ bartending experience. Organized and proficient service provider with excellent time management skills, reliable memory for handling large or complex orders, and passion for learning and explaining drink menus to customers. Dedicated collaborator able to work with front-of-house and back-of-house staff to deliver orders and tend to customer requests in a timely manner within a fast-paced environment.

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Confident, efficient, and energetic bartender with applicable experience serving customers and viable NY bartending certification. Hands-on and fast-paced server with excellent interpersonal skills and required stamina and physical endurance to handle standing for long hours during shifts. Flexible learner with cash handling skills, register handling experience, and proficiency interacting with POS systems.

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Objective examples

Communicative and customer-oriented bartender with 5 years’ experience and relevant drink mixing skills eager to join an innovative and friendly team with room for personal and professional growth. Adaptable professional touting proven track record of high-quality customer service skills.

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Skilled bartender seeking employment during nights and weekends, transferring extensive experience in fast-paced, chaotic environments. Excels under pressure, with demonstrated ability in keeping up with customer demand and increased bar profits at current position by 25%.

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Efficient and energetic bartender eager to leverage bartending experience gained through state certified mixologist program completion and customer service skills to pursue new opportunities in bar management and drink service provision. Hands-on learner leveraging adaptability within fast-evolving work environments.

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Summary examples

Professional, dedicated, and organized barista with 5 years’ experience driving customer service and preparing and delivering beverages within fast-paced food service environments. Adaptable and flexible team player with ability to work independently or as part of a team to meet goals. Attentive relationship manager with passion for delivering positive and memorable experiences with every ordered drink.

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Organized, proficient, and energetic barista with 8 years’ experience operating food and beverage orders for customers in restaurant and bar settings. Dedicated professional with attention to detail, knowledge of coffee products and common drink specifications, and ability to multitask. Reliable worker able to lead opening and closing procedures in addition to taking customer orders.

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Attentive, detail-oriented, and self-motivated barista with Bachelor of Arts in Food Service Management and 2 years of experience working in the food service industry. Independent and reliable professional with excellent written and verbal communication skills, proficiency with POS systems, and ability to multitask to complete daily sanitation and cleanliness tasks while handling customer orders.

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Objective examples

Attentive barista with transferrable skills to the hospitality industry seeking a team leader position. Demonstrated customer service and team leadership abilities, with a proven track record of exceeding company sales goals by increasing profitability by 10%.

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Competent, reliable, and detail-oriented barista looking to apply 4 years of coffee shop experience and skills in customer service to support large-scale restaurant goals. Trendy and knowledgeable mixologist eager to rejuvenate a brand’s drink menu with innovative specials and promotions and drive sales.

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Talented, efficient, and organized barista leveraging 3 years of store operations management and drink order handling skills to pursue new customer service opportunities with room for growth. Hands-on learner currently working towards the acquisition of a NY supplied bartending license.

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Bar manager

Summary examples

Respected team player with strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Excellent multitasker that sets priorities and works exceptionally well in fast-paced environments to ensure staff and customer satisfaction.Effective communicator that establishes trust with customers, staff, and vendors. Go-getter that can be relied upon to take on new challenges and responsibilities and finish the job effectively and efficiently.

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Results-driven bar and restaurant manager with recognized leadership skills and a strong work ethic. Proven track record of success in recruiting, motivating, and mentoring staff, implementing food and drink promotions that increase sales and grow a loyal customer base. Encourages teams to go the “extra mile” to promote an establishment’s brand and create growth opportunities.

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Motivated, competitive, results-driven bar manager with exceptional relationship-building skills and a passion for success. A “big picture” thinker that presents fresh ideas to revitalize bars in stagnant economies. Ensures bar staff follows all food and beverage control safety regulations to create an enjoyable atmosphere for customers. Skilled in identifying problems, developing solutions, and creating long-term business road maps.

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Objective examples

Committed to a career in bar management with demonstrated success in building dedicated, hard-working teams that deliver increased customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and bottom-line profits. Seeking the opportunity to revitalize the bar industry through innovation and motivation.

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Uniquely qualified bar manager with professional experience re-invigorating struggling establishments, establishing win-win relationships with vendors, and developing customer-centric teams, seeking an opportunity to grow a business in the bar and entertainment business to the forefront of its competitors.

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Top-producing bar management professional with extensive knowledge of marketing, resource management, and relationship-building. Seeking to apply leadership, organizational, and analytical skills to turn losses into gains by establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base in the region.

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Summary examples

High-energy and dedicated young professional who works exceptionally well in fast-paced, high-stress environments. Able to build rapport with diverse groups of people, multi-task, and set priorities as necessary. Recognized for being warm and hospitable, able to work independently with little to no direction or as part of a team. Detail-oriented with a passion for getting the job done right.

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Three years of experience as a bar back and busser at a fast-paced, high-traffic exclusive bar in a metropolitan area. Demonstrates exceptional customer service and collaborative capabilities, possesses an outgoing and engaging personality able to establish rapport and relate to people from diverse groups and backgrounds. Takes a proactive approach in assuming new responsibilities and duties.

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Experienced bar back with over 5 years working in fast-paced, high-class environments providing excellent support to bartenders and other staff, while accommodating patrons and delivering memorable client experiences. Substantial experience multitasking and prioritizing responsibilities as directed by senior bar staff and assessing situations. Great spoken and written communication with great abilities to assess station needs and act accordingly.

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Objective examples

Passionate hotel professional seeking to transition and position myself in the restaurant industry dedicated to the development, appreciation, and promotion of beverage services. Brings over 3 years of experience in the aesthetics of regional beer and wine drink selections.

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College student with 2+ years’ bussing experience seeking a position as a bar back to apply ability in proactively identifying and completing work needs in a bar or club environment to develop skills in pursuing a career in restaurant management.

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