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Deliver bar service at bar connected to 5-star hotel establishment. Communicate with customers providing attentive and fast service. Restock bar and share product knowledge with new and frequent customers. Schedule and train new staff.

  • Brought in customers from hotel side by sharing advertising materials with room service providers who would leave marketing collateral in customer rooms.
  • Minimized prep time of mixed drinks by offering daily specials for quick prep drinks on busy nights.

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Oversaw excellent customer experiences and in-store execution of sales and promotions as directed by the store manager. Tracked and monitored inventory levels and prepared lists for ordering when stock ran low.

  • Brought artistry to the average customer interaction by creating and mastering unique foam designs that attracted a virtual following through social media output.
  • Participated in promotional events by demonstrating coffee artistry and sharing samples at local events, outside the store, and via social media posting management.

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Bar manager


Oversaw staff training and development for popular local lounge and bar. Recruited, hired, and trained staff, ensuring consistent support for a well-trained hospitality team. Tracked and analyzed client data and trends to make actionable, data-driven decisions.

  • Revitalized bar menu with greater product variety and updated design to incorporate new branding model passed down from ownership.
  • Developed promotional and seasonal offerings based on tracking and evaluation of bar traffic and demographics.

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Effectively communicated with bartenders, bussers, and bar managers to ensure efficient and effective workflow during all shifts. Maintained and restocked inventory, and poured wines and tap beers as directed by the bartender. Washed glasses, cut & prepared garnishes, and disposed of trash as needed.

  • Consistently monitor and walked throughout the bar, outdoor areas, and bathrooms to ensure cleanliness and hazard-free spaces.
  • Ensured the bar was fully stocked with everything needed to run efficiently, including glasses, drinks, napkins, coasters, straws, and snacks.
  • Prepared mixers, juices, and cocktail garnishes and informed the bartender and necessary staff when supplies were running low.
  • Assisted with designated bar opening and closing procedures, including wiping down areas, sweeping and mopping, and arranging tables, chairs, and stools.
  • Accepted deliveries, ensured shipments were accurate, helped unload crates and boxes, and arranged the stock room.

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Build rapport with clientele from all walks of like, creating friendly atmosphere. Upsell products and food items by memorizing specials and recipe details like vegan, gluten-free, and other alternative diet options.

  • Trained multiple new bartenders, serving as first point of contact and reliable staff coordinator.
  • Built valuable relationships with local businesses to cross-sell products and earn additional revenue of up to $5,000 monthly.
  • Boosted average customer spending by up to $10 through upselling.

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Ensure consistent workflow and service offerings to guests by assisting bartender and cocktail servers where needed. Create environment of efficiency by facilitating clean work areas and cross-checking the bar orders. Maintain sanitation of the facility, complying with standards from the local and state Health Department.

  • Updated workflows to ensure 15% greater accuracy in drink order delivery for larger parties.
  • Trained new barbacks on products, standards, and procedures to ensure greatest success of customer service delivery.

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Bar manager


Enthusiastic leader capable of developing strong working relationships with people at all levels and from diverse background, including management, staff, and the public to create unique and memorable experiences that drive sales. Provide a valuable blend of leadership, analytical, and marketing skills that combine efficiency and effectiveness in a competitive market.

  • Automated billing procedures to reduce financial discrepancies, facilitate purchases, process payroll, and remit vendor payments.
  • Recruited, hired, and trained new bar staff, including bussers, bartenders, hosts, and servers, and conducted period evaluations of their performance.
  • Maintained liquor license and ensured bar staff followed local safety requirements and regulations.
  • Developed and advertised the daily, weekly, and monthly drink and event promotions to coincide with holidays and sporting events.
  • Researched, sampled, and selected new alcoholic products, and negotiated prices with distributors based on inventory needs.

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Bring unique product knowledge and personable attitude to boost bottom line performance for a popular local establishment. Evaluate and improve processes to ensure business success.

  • Introduced successful “cocktail of the week” promotion, earning additional sales weekly.
  • Discovered and integrated a new beverage management software application to reduce inventory losses by 15% and improve tracking and maintenance of inventory.
  • Earned staff award for “Hardest Worker” and “Most Positive Attitude” three years in a row.

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Demonstrate adept service skill and product knowledge through expert delivery of customer-requested beverages and café items. Sanitized preparation areas and followed all rules for company and local regulatory compliance. Monitored inventory levels.

  • Mastered 100+ café beverage combinations, completing up to 200 orders per day.
  • Promoted special store items or promotional events and products to upsell and boost average customer spend by at least $5 per customer.
  • Won “Employee of the Month” three times in one year.

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Introduced custom drink specials to increase menu offerings by 10% and boost daily sales. Promoted drinks to customers to drive sales.

  • Researched menu to understand current drink offerings, specials, and customer orders.
  • Drafted multiple ideas for new and memorable beverages to be featured on a daily basis.
  • Presented product list to bar manager for approval.
  • Integrated specials into bar selection with written advertisements and promotions.
  • Communicated new items to customers and facilitated increased sales.

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