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Medical assistant
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Medical assistant
Medical assistant
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Certified nursing assistant


Optimized patient care by creating a safe, hygienic, and high-quality hospital environment; continually worked to accelerate patient recovery by minimizing infections. Offered health education to patients and families and coordinated with other departments such as social services, recreational and group therapists. Worked in all medical units including Neuro, CVCU, CVPCU, ICU, Emergency Department, Labor and Delivery, Oncology, Observation, Post-op, Pre-op, Rehab, Orthopedic, Med Surg, and PACU.

  • Answered and clarified patient’s concerns making sure that doctors’ orders are followed on time.
  • Ensured a safe and secured environment for patients, staff, and visitors.
  • Embarked into the innovation planning committee; crafted a directory for float staff, introduced colorful scrubs day, created reports, and bulletin boards.
  • Contributed productively to scheduled and non-scheduled changes, emergencies, and stressful environments.
  • Obtained health history, maintained detailed records, and provided patient/ family education tailored towards individual needs.
  • Created informational handouts and designed patient laboratory status letters.

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Medical assistant

Entry level

Managed daily administrative tasks, including scheduling, patient check-in and check-out, and patient medical record at Pediatric Nephrology. Obtained and accurately recorded patient medical histories, vitals, test results for medical records while ensuring patient confidentiality is maintained. Prepared treatment rooms for clinical examinations and assisting practitioners with medical procedures and other patient care.

  • Delivered compassionate support, attention, and assistance to patients and families.
  • Ensured compliance with all health care regulations, including HIPAA and OSHA.
  • Administered medications for patients as directed by physicians.
  • Administered patient records to ensure accuracy for submission for the kidney transplant list. Associated potential kidney transplant patients with community services and agencies.
  • Managed electronic health system submitted electronic authorizations for patient medications.
  • Worked closely with doctors to facilitate and support all administration duties for the medical practice.

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Pharmacy assistant

Entry level

Performed clerical duties, including patient file creation and management, stock control and procurement, cash management, and filing. Precisely typed and printed out drug prescription labels and responded to emails.

  • Controlled inventory through routine stock-taking, avoiding stockouts by identifying shortages and ordering for replenishments.
  • Facilitated data-driven decision-making by the Pharmacist by maintaining a detailed record of all purchases and sales.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction through quick and best-in-class service, prompt and professional response to all queries, and an enticing store outlook.

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Medical receptionist


Supervised day-to-day operations of the office and front office staff including scheduling, reception, insurance authorization, and verification. Secured authorizations for chemotherapy regimens and outside procedures.

  • Worked with healthcare providers and patients to fulfill service needs; Insurance benefits verification, eligibility, and payment processing; Processed health claims, responded to denials and outstanding claims.
  • Reviewed cost estimation with patients and assists by securing foundation or co-pay assistance.
  • Oversaw administrative duties such as answering calls, scheduling appointments, processing payments, and filing documents while maintaining HIPAA standards.
  • Continuously demonstrated a top-performing team of office managers by recruiting and training.
  • Handled all onboarding tasks for new employees, ensuring employment laws and guidelines were followed.

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Dental assistant


Performed basic administrative duties such as answering calls, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance, processing payments, and filing documents. Assisted dentists and dental hygienists in various treatment procedures such as composite restorations, bridge/crown/veneers, root canals, surgical tooth extraction, implants, dentures by utilizing four-handed dentistry techniques.

  • Established aseptic techniques for sterility and cleanliness optimizing patient comfort and safety as per OSHA regulations.
  • Educated children and adults for cultivating good eating habits ensuring a lifetime of good oral health.
  • Operated Digital X-ray and Panoramic X-ray machines, sterilized instruments, maintain lab equipment. and counseled patients on postoperative and general oral health care.
  • Prepared patients for treatment while ensuring patients feel extremely comfortable and safe during the treatment process.
  • Trained new hires on the clinic’s dental processes and procedures.

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Physician assistant


Provided healthcare education, counseling, and disposition planning for patients and families. Evaluate primary care, acute, chronically ill, and transitional care patients. Offer patient counseling including pregnancy prevention, STI Prevention/safer sex practices, contraceptive care counseling, and medication management. Constantly created a warm and welcoming environment for patients and families.

  • Documented all patient care within an EHR as per Clinic policies and procedures.
  • Effectively collaborated within a patient care team, including fellow Providers, Physicians, paraprofessionals, Pharmacists, and other allied members of the health care team.
  • Increased patient engagement and satisfaction through the integration of feedback from patients, management, and peers.
  • Customized communication style to effectively influence quality outcomes and patient needs.
  • Worked with pharmacy and front store staff to provide a complete patient experience.
  • Maintained patient confidentiality following PHI and HIPAA standards.
  • Resolved conflict using appropriate management techniques.
  • Reprioritized continually throughout the day to fulfill patient and business needs
  • Supported the overall patient experience, by effectively managing clinical and non-clinical duties as well as patient expectations.
  • Successfully implemented the clinic-level business plan designed to meet business goals.
  • Ensured complete and accurate payment for services through comprehensive documentation in the patient chart, verification of payment method (insurance, cash, or a combination) for each visit, and collection of payment as directed by the EMR.
  • Managed revenue cycle management; collected payment at the time of service for all visits and prepared nightly deposits.
  • Participated in professional development through professional groups and committees within the organization.

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Veterinary assistant

Entry level

Cleaned and sanitized examination rooms, operating rooms, and animal living spaces, including cages and kennels. Regularly fed, bathed, and exercised animals to ensure physical and hygienic health. Maintained and sanitized surgical equipment and instruments before and after all operative procedures.

  • Fed and provided animals with at regular intervals throughout the day, recording their weight and reactions to food.
  • Handled a variety of front office administrative responsibilities including scheduling appointments and directing patients into examination rooms.
  • Reassured clients that their pets are being cared for to the best of the veterinarian’s abilities and explained any issues, including lack of available appointments and insurance coverage.
  • Kept the animal clinic clean, ordered and restocked supplies, and walked animals throughout the day or as necessary.
  • Held and restrained animals during medical exams and surgical procedures and explained recovery instructions to owners and families.

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Dental receptionist


Oversaw dental records of 2500 patients by maintaining and updating medical records, entering new patient information into the system, and transferring X-rays, and medical reports to the specialists.

  • Liaised between healthcare providers and patients regarding insurance claims and payments, Insurance benefits verification, Insurance coverage and Explanation of Benefits(EOB), payment processing, respond to denials and outstanding claims.
  • Provided financial agreements by guiding patients regarding treatment plans and available payment options for out-of-pocket expenses which could be paid in installment.
  • Received, stored, and verified receipts of the dental inventory by continually monitoring stock and anticipating needed supplies. Analyze department performance and implements necessary changes to improve operations and profitability.
  • Optimized work-place practices and procedures, with the focused goal of improving approaches in productivity, quality, and customer service.
  • Ensured monthly revenue goals of doctors and dental hygienists are achieved by rescheduling appointments and filling the available spots.
  • Rescheduled 80% of 500 canceled appointments due to the COVID situation by creating a strong online presence.
  • Ensured safety and sanitization at the clinic as per CDC and ADA(American Dental Association) guidelines.

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Certified nursing assistant


Performed routine tasks including grooming, bathing, oral hygiene, feeding, incontinent care, toileting, colostomy care, prosthetic appliances, serving meals, feeding patients, ambulating, and positioning patients as well as providing fresh water and nourishment between meals. Counseled patients regarding pre-op, post-op, and follow-up instructions.

  • Supported clinical operations by providing administrative assistance to physicians and providing direct patient care.
  • Interviewed patients to acquire medical histories, conducted test and diagnostic procedures, recorded information on patient's charts and within an electronic database.
  • Prepared forms, reports, and correspondence with accuracy and speed to ensure compliance with hospital policies and procedures, federal, state, and HIPAA standards.
  • Optimized work-place practices and procedures, with the focused goal of improving approaches in productivity, quality, and customer service.
  • Commended for excellent multi-tasking abilities and prioritizing daily patient care.

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Medical assistant


Provided medication set-up for patients in a sixty-three (63) bed facility; monitored daily vital signs and performed medication administration, dressing changes, patient education, and wound and tracheostomy care; educated patients and families on possible adverse side effects.

  • Conducted medication pass for up to 200 inmates; performed TB and blood sugar testing and supported the nurse practitioner with weekly clinics.
  • Provided inmate care for sports injuries as well as medical issues; logged and charted all information.
  • Advocated for all clients and referred patients out for a higher level of care when necessary.
  • Checked skin for skin integrity and provide treatments as ordered by the provider.
  • Charted all patient behaviors and reported all changes to the R.N.
  • Conducted physical and mental health assessments; offered emotional support and encouragement to patients and their families.
  • Implemented patient care; collaborated with team members and ensured continuity of care.  Supported appropriate treatment plans and maintained detailed records.
  • Obtained patient data including medical history, current medication, and reason for the visit; measured and recorded vital signs.

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