Dental receptionist

Dental receptionist
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Dental receptionist
Dental receptionist
Resume examples

4Dental receptionist resume examples found

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Dental care resume examples
Experience level

Dental receptionist


Oversaw dental records of 2500 patients by maintaining and updating medical records, entering new patient information into the system, and transferring X-rays, and medical reports to the specialists.

  • Liaised between healthcare providers and patients regarding insurance claims and payments, Insurance benefits verification, Insurance coverage and Explanation of Benefits(EOB), payment processing, respond to denials and outstanding claims.
  • Provided financial agreements by guiding patients regarding treatment plans and available payment options for out-of-pocket expenses which could be paid in installment.
  • Received, stored, and verified receipts of the dental inventory by continually monitoring stock and anticipating needed supplies. Analyze department performance and implements necessary changes to improve operations and profitability.
  • Optimized work-place practices and procedures, with the focused goal of improving approaches in productivity, quality, and customer service.
  • Ensured monthly revenue goals of doctors and dental hygienists are achieved by rescheduling appointments and filling the available spots.
  • Rescheduled 80% of 500 canceled appointments due to the COVID situation by creating a strong online presence.
  • Ensured safety and sanitization at the clinic as per CDC and ADA(American Dental Association) guidelines.

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Dental receptionist

Entry level

Greeted and registered patients. Scheduled/confirmed appointments, followed up on cancellations and no-shows, received and distributed mail, and answered and routed calls to the appropriate offices. 

  • Verified patients' insurance by calling insurance companies for patient insurance information before admission.
  • Guaranteed prompt service by implementing a records management system that ensured instantaneous retrieval of all medical records requested by doctors and nurses.
  • Resolved insurance issues by calling insurance companies to inquire about outstanding claims, file appeals, and respond to queries on medical records.

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Dental receptionist


Directed the front-desk functions, providing training and mentorship to a team of 4 departmental receptionists. 

  • Increased word-of-mouth referral by 40% through personalized and best-in-class service and post-appointment calls to check client progress.
  • Enhanced the patient experience by maintaining a clean and welcoming reception area and placing magazines beside each seat to assist patients with passing the time.
  • Implemented a new system that amalgamated most of the reception processes into one window, reducing the time taken to serve one patient from 10 minutes to just under 5 minutes.

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Dental receptionist


Revitalized the front-desk function by routinely instituting process improvements with a keen focus on reducing costs, service times, and patient complaints. 

  • Enhanced client satisfaction by introducing a queuing system that reduced the patient time at the front desk from 10 minutes to a maximum of 4 minutes.
  • Improved the scheduling function by taking clients through all the treatment plans and scheduling appointments according to their availability. 
  • Drafted a FAQ response sheet that was pivotal in slashing the time taken per call from an average of 8 minutes to just under 5 minutes.

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