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Integral member of a small professional team responsible for growing the company from 200 to over 2K cases on a permanent basis for a psychological corporation created to serve the community specializing in the prevention and treatment of violence.

  • Served as the primary therapist; personally, handled over 500 clients annually.
  • Monitored client progress in therapy, addressed concerns, discussed goals, and wrote progress reports for courts, probation officers, and county workers.
  • Conducted psychological/forensic evaluations for Immigration Attorneys’ clients who were applying for U-Visas and other immigration programs.
  • Facilitated groups in conjoint children/family therapy, domestic violence, anger management, sex offender treatment, and parent training.
  • Established and maintained relationships with external agencies; facilitated referrals and ongoing services and support to families.
  • Consulted with the prospective patient's family members to determine the person's physical, cognitive or emotional needs.
  • Gifted in client assessment/evaluation and development/implementation of effective treatment plans.

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School psychologist


Provided a confidential, nurturing, and positive environment to diverse client populations including individual, group, and family counseling for children ranging from 2-18 families in a variety of environments and capacities. Counseled 520 students.

  • Provided crisis intervention and long-range counseling to high-risk individuals and groups; conceptualized and implemented Intensive Family Services Program.
  • Identified and resolved personal and environmental problems/concerns that threatened family functioning and jeopardized family units.
  • Facilitated groups in conflict resolution, career counseling, anger management, social skills, and parent training; accessed community resources for clients and families.
  • Offered vocational education for Special Education Students; scheduled tours and speakers for career exploration.
  • Led academic/career counseling for general student populations; initiated classroom meetings served as CARE Team Leader, and scheduled home visits.

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Counseled patients ranging from 15-30. Handled complex patient cases specializing in treating patients with severe substance addiction, mental disorders, classified as Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity(NGRI), and patients who exhibit severe resistance to treatment and therapies.

  • Evaluated patients during scheduled visits and prepared comprehensive and individualized treatment plans utilizing the biopsychosocial model.
  • Prescribed Psychotherapeutic treatments and medication to treat mental disorders; regularly monitored individual patients’ response to ensure sustainable mental and physical health.
  • Led and organized teaching and training sessions for junior psychiatry residents, medical, and psychiatric assistant students during psychiatry rotations.
  • Selected to participate in performance improvement projects to reduce violence within the inpatient psychiatric unit.

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