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Oversaw day-to-day pharmacy operations and inventory management; ensures pharmaceutical, medical supplies, and drugs are stocked as per state and federal laws. Managed 2000 to 2100 prescriptions fill and refill. Reviewed with physicians and patients regarding medication dosage, drug interaction, medical equipment, disease management, and potential side effects of prescription and OTC medications. Supervises 4 pharmacy technicians.

  • Provided leadership to the loss-making pharmacy by establishing long-term client relationships that produced repeat business which dramatically improved revenue by 5 to 10 % per annum.
  • Facilitated Medication therapy management (MTM) to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes for patients; utilized Mirxa and outcome systems for medication therapy management.
  • Evaluated customer satisfaction by using comprehensive medication review which includes counseling and follows up calls; increased customer satisfaction rate from 40 % to 70%.
  • Spearheaded training and coaching for pharmacy technicians to improve productivity and quality score by implementing best practices. Reduced prescription errors by 60%.
  • Dispensed and compounded prescriptions; maintained accurate patient records, dosing information, and directions for use.

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Pharmacy technician


Maintained 100% order fulfillment and patient billing accuracy during 3-year period working in high-volume retail pharmacy setting. Worked with patients, fellow technicians, and pharmacists on a daily basis.

  • Conducted thorough reviews of patient prescription orders at the time of pickup.
  • Maintained accurate patient files within pharmacy database.
  • Partnered with senior leadership to coordinate and conduct routine inventory audits.
  • Practiced patience and leveraged attention to detail when handling patient billing information.
  • Utilized cross-functional collaboration to ensure pharmacy-wide efficiency.

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Pharmacy assistant

Entry level

Performed clerical duties, including patient file creation and management, stock control and procurement, cash management, and filing. Precisely typed and printed out drug prescription labels and responded to emails.

  • Controlled inventory through routine stock-taking, avoiding stockouts by identifying shortages and ordering for replenishments.
  • Facilitated data-driven decision-making by the Pharmacist by maintaining a detailed record of all purchases and sales.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction through quick and best-in-class service, prompt and professional response to all queries, and an enticing store outlook.

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Entry level

Consulted with 10+ patients per week to promote nutritional, dietary, and medicinal intelligence. Leveraged customer service and communication skills to establish impactful relationships.

  • Reviewed patient files and information prior to consultations.
  • Communicated with patients to better understand at-home practices, concerns, and ailments.
  • Drafted and delivered oral presentations to cover the essential elements of proper healthy habits.
  • Conducted an overview of prescribed medications and treatments to ensure patients had a proper understanding.

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Pharmacy technician

Entry level

Reduced daily administrative tasks by 25% via revised prescription filing and documentation operations. Worked with store IT department to implement new digital workflows.

  • Audited existing retail pharmacy operations and identified improvement opportunities.
  • Reached out to pharmacy leadership to strategize improvement initiative.
  • Connected with IT technician to update computer applications.
  • Communicated updated workflows and procedures to pharmacy colleagues to improve overall efficiency.

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Pharmacy assistant


Assisted the Pharmacist with dispensing medication, receiving prescriptions and verifying their validity, and maintaining an up-to-date record of sales, purchases, and inventory. 

  • Placed prescribed drugs in approved containers with correct labels before packing them in the store's branded bags as a promotional method. 
  • Leveraged in-depth knowledge of the store's inventory in providing quick and accurate answers to callers, achieving over 95% customer satisfaction.
  • Implemented a new point of sale system that accurately captured all payments via cash and insurance, saving the store an average of $1000 lost due to poor record-keeping.

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Strategized and led hospital-wide medication stewardship initiatives while fueling positive clinical outcomes. Clinically evaluate new biologic and oncologic therapy for use in the infusion center. Educated nursing staff, physicians, and pharmacy staff on drug therapy and disease state through lectures and in-service sessions. Participated in multidisciplinary rounds and patient counseling.

  • Improved real-time communication between pharmacists, physicians, and providers on patient care matters.
  • Collaborated with Chief Medical Information Officer to build a business case to enable Hospital pharmacist conversations with providers through Doc Halo.
  • Guided and directed pharmacists on clinical initiatives.
  • Oversaw Hospital Formulary Manage drug classes and authorized appropriate use of non-formulary agents. Define and refine clinical pharmacy policies and procedures.
  • Clarified and enhanced access to policies, procedures, and guidelines for all employees by developing the pharmacy portion of the Hospital Intranet.

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Pharmacy technician

Entry level

Successfully organized pharmacy inventory of 100+ prescriptions. Spearheaded inventory audits and organization project.

  • Collaborated with fellow technicians to ensure accurate labelling for all current and incoming prescriptions.
  • Conducted inventory audits.
  • Partnered with colleagues to complete retail management tasks.
  • Completed organization initiative over 3-day period and relayed results to supervisor.

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Pharmacy assistant


Managed customers and patients by greeting them and helping with products and services. Delivered distinctive and delightful customer experience. Resolved customer issues and answered questions to ensure a positive customer experience. Ensured Pharmacy Department is stocked with adequate supplies, clean, neat, and orderly in condition and appearance.

  • Received, stored, and verified receipts of the inventory supplies by continually monitoring stock and anticipating needed supplies. Restocked shelves with medication and pharmaceutical supplies.
  • Complied with state and federal laws with pharmacy, dispensing, and sales of pharmacy and non-pharmacy products.
  • Optimized work-place practices and procedures, with the focused goal of improving approaches in productivity, quality, and customer service.

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Directed team of 5 pharmacy technicians to maintain instore retail pharmacy location. Managed relations with patients, customers, store employees, and leadership to complete objectives.

  • Scheduled and delegated daily and weekly technician tasks.
  • Oversaw performance management and trained interested technicians for promotional opportunities.
  • Provided prescription and immunization information to inquiring customers throughout the day.
  • Collaborated with store management to drive promotional events, promote vaccine disbursements, and pursue revenue goals.

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