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Physical therapy
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Physical therapy
Physical therapy
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Provided safe and effective treatment to over 10 patients daily. Treated auto injury such as whiplash, sports, injuries, and workplace injuries as well as herniated disc and chronic pain such as sciatica; utilized Thomson Technique to safely restore alignment to the spine and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, for long term relief.

  • Oversaw clinical and operational management of the office while supervising staff ranging from 5-7.
  • Reduced pain and restored health function within the scope and standard of chiropractic physician care ensure to engage patients in their recovery process.
  • Seamlessly co-managed patient care with the provider team while maintaining state-of-the-art competence as a chiropractic team.
  • Reinforced company values and brand image in all aspects of internal and external performances.
  • Leveraged a variety of chiropractic adjustment techniques, including Diversified, Gonstead, Cox, Motion Palpation, CBP, Activator, and A.R.T; these techniques are all gentle and conservative treatment methods that correct underlying misalignment.
  • Evaluated patient's neuromusculoskeletal systems and the spine using chiropractic diagnosis to determine neuromusculoskeletal and spine-related conditions.
  • Performed manual adjustments to the spine and other articulations of the body to correct the musculoskeletal system.
  • Educated patients on the quality-of-life benefits of routine chiropractic care. Provided a recommended course of treatment.
  • Used advanced diagnostic procedures to identify the underlying cause for your pain, known as subluxation.

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Physical therapist


Planned, evaluated, and administered programs of Physical Therapy upon referral by the physician. Conducted PT programs to restore function, prevent disability and help patients reach their maximum level of independence. Directed, supervised, and trained Physical Therapist Assistant, Physical Therapy Technician, students, and volunteers.

  • Interpreted appropriate data through reviewing the medical record, physician reports, and patient/family interaction and utilizes appropriate assistive and orthotic devices.
  • Re-evaluated patients as needed, modifying goals and treatment as patient's status changes.
  • Communicated patient's evaluation and subsequent progress to the physician, referral sources, and other clinical staff and coordinated patient's schedule, treatment programs, discharge planning, and recommend solutions to patient care problems.
  • Provided and documented patient and family education regarding deficits, progress toward goals, and therapeutic techniques, with individualized instruction for a home program including equipment use.
  • Offered personalized therapeutic exercise including testing and conditioning, neurotherapeutic approaches to improve strength, range of motion, and function, Soft tissue and manual therapy techniques; including massage, spinal and peripheral joint mobilization, and manipulation.

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Occupational therapist


Provided primary and critical rehabilitation services for a quadriplegic veteran with a traumatic brain injury. Assessed patient’s rehabilitation needs, developed patient’s plans and treatment goals, and conduct physician-prescribed physical fitness programs.

  • Documented patient’s progress and completed discharge summaries, home program treatment plans. Ensured paperwork was timely, accurate, and complete. Performed patient assessments and provided appropriate care as outlined by protocols and medical guidelines.
  • Counseled patients and families to participate in physical fitness program; restored functions for patients following disease or profound injury including loss of limb, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and paralysis.
  • Provided treatment utilizing Transcutaneous E-Stim therapy and Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) devices for muscle recovery and therapeutic exercise programs.
  • Participated in wound-care treatment and helped patients adapt to the use of wheelchairs, braces, canes, crutches, and prosthetic, orthotic devices.

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Physical therapist


Accountable for driving clinical performance of 19 clinics across the state. Manage ambulatory physical therapy services administering operations, business model, finance, human resources, quality assurance, external affairs, marketing, compliance, Telehealth, and care departments. Reported directly to CEO and Board of Directors with full strategic planning, legal, sales, and P&L oversight. Spurred tremendous growth through partnerships and acquisitions.

  • Oversaw 175 employees while leading and motivating 11 direct reports including 2 Regional Directors, Business Development Director as well as 10 Clinical Manager(indirect reports).
  • Provided insights, expertise, and support to the CEO while managing meetings, annual retreats, gala openings, dinners, and other events for the board of directors.
  • Architected efficient organizational infrastructure that supported radical growth. Championed core values, and spearheaded system-wide culture enhancement effort
  • Provided ongoing leadership to the Executive Director of Post-Acute Care Team from OU Health Contract.
  • Maximized PT billing by using appropriate CPT Codes. Educated therapists on effective documentation of PT for the services (therapeutic vs manual services) provided.
  • Impacted business development including development and approval for new contracts.
  • Sustained Net Income margin even during COVID-19 pandemic by tightly controlling expenditure. Reviewed regional budget and P&L while performing effective financial planning.
  • Prepared Quarterly audits for 19 clinics and developed a written plan of correction for errors. Created audit plan for Telehealth.

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