Veterinary assistant

Veterinary assistant
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Veterinary assistant
Veterinary assistant
Resume examples

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Veterinary assistant

Entry level

Cleaned and sanitized examination rooms, operating rooms, and animal living spaces, including cages and kennels. Regularly fed, bathed, and exercised animals to ensure physical and hygienic health. Maintained and sanitized surgical equipment and instruments before and after all operative procedures.

  • Fed and provided animals with at regular intervals throughout the day, recording their weight and reactions to food.
  • Handled a variety of front office administrative responsibilities including scheduling appointments and directing patients into examination rooms.
  • Reassured clients that their pets are being cared for to the best of the veterinarian’s abilities and explained any issues, including lack of available appointments and insurance coverage.
  • Kept the animal clinic clean, ordered and restocked supplies, and walked animals throughout the day or as necessary.
  • Held and restrained animals during medical exams and surgical procedures and explained recovery instructions to owners and families.

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Veterinary assistant


Conducted examination and interviews, review care plan, records, laboratory tests, and diagnostic imaging to determine animal treatment need. Provided care for patients by taking vital signs, collecting samples, administering medications drugs, vaccines, and bandaging and wrapping wounds.

  • Supported patient examinations and operations by assembling required supplies and instruments, securing, and bringing patients to examination rooms, and restraining patients.
  • Filled prescriptions and administer medications, including proper documentation, logging, and security of controlled drugs.
  • Maintained a safe, secure, healthy, and humane environment by following documented standards and procedures in compliance with applicable legal regulations.
  • Maintained medical records by documenting patients’ conditions, reactions, and changes; updated database in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Demonstrated correct procedures in catheter placement, phlebotomy, emergency medicine, and digital radiology.

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Veterinary assistant


Performed numerous duties to allow veterinarians to focus on the important tasks of diagnosing illnesses and injuries in animals under the practice’s care. Assisted with intake and discharge, cleaned rooms and equipment, conducted tests, and administered medications as directed by the supervising veterinarian.

  • Ensured examination rooms, treatment areas, operating areas, animal cages, and laboratories are organized and cleaned each day.
  • Made sure all animals were clearly identified, including during admission, daily hospital sheets, cage cards, and identification collars.
  • Provided empathetic care for hospitalized animals and reassured their owners remained calm and comfortable in waiting areas.
  • Liaised with veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and office workers to ensure exceptional continuity of animal care.
  • Communicated and educated animal owners, explaining administration of medications, follow-up care, diet recommendations, and general animal care.

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