Physician assistant

Physician assistant
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Physician assistant
Physician assistant
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Physician assistant


Provided healthcare education, counseling, and disposition planning for patients and families. Evaluate primary care, acute, chronically ill, and transitional care patients. Offer patient counseling including pregnancy prevention, STI Prevention/safer sex practices, contraceptive care counseling, and medication management. Constantly created a warm and welcoming environment for patients and families.

  • Documented all patient care within an EHR as per Clinic policies and procedures.
  • Effectively collaborated within a patient care team, including fellow Providers, Physicians, paraprofessionals, Pharmacists, and other allied members of the health care team.
  • Increased patient engagement and satisfaction through the integration of feedback from patients, management, and peers.
  • Customized communication style to effectively influence quality outcomes and patient needs.
  • Worked with pharmacy and front store staff to provide a complete patient experience.
  • Maintained patient confidentiality following PHI and HIPAA standards.
  • Resolved conflict using appropriate management techniques.
  • Reprioritized continually throughout the day to fulfill patient and business needs
  • Supported the overall patient experience, by effectively managing clinical and non-clinical duties as well as patient expectations.
  • Successfully implemented the clinic-level business plan designed to meet business goals.
  • Ensured complete and accurate payment for services through comprehensive documentation in the patient chart, verification of payment method (insurance, cash, or a combination) for each visit, and collection of payment as directed by the EMR.
  • Managed revenue cycle management; collected payment at the time of service for all visits and prepared nightly deposits.
  • Participated in professional development through professional groups and committees within the organization.

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Physician assistant

Entry level

Maintained active and professional communication with patients, physicians, and coworkers. Intervened in non-invasive procedures to help relieve pain and inflammation and outlined personalized nutrition and treatment plans based on patients' needs.

  • Offered medical care to 25 patients per day, performing physical examinations, collecting medical histories, and providing hematology care following the physician board.
  • Aided the head physician in the diagnosis of diabetes, asthma, and chronic pain, prescribing medication, and crafting customized care plans based on patients' needs.
  • Collaborated with nurses and medical assistants in the monitoring of patient outcomes, ensuring all evaluations were of high quality and compliant with internal protocols.
  • Managed pre-and post-operative patients in the Intensive Care Units, referring more complex cases to a physician for additional consultation.
  • Performed non-invasive clinical procedures, including IV implementation, fine needle aspiration, and suturing.

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Physician assistant


Developed treatment plans in collaboration with attending physicians, ensuring optimal patient medical management and quality assistance. Assisted with postoperative procedures under the direction of surgeons and monitored patients' health progress following practice protocols.

  • Performed more than 250 procedures under physician supervision, including nasal endoscopy biopsies, laryngoscopy, and binocular ear surgeries.
  • Interpreted electrocardiograms as directed by senior physicians and joined additional training in cardiology standards, medications administration, and EKG reading.
  • Collected information on medical histories and physical examinations and recorded new data in each patient's digital file using EMR software.
  • Recommended rehabilitative exercises and non-invasive treatments, and prescribed pain management medications in line with the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons guidelines.
  • Collaborated with the health care team to manage patient care, including pre, post, and follow-up procedures.

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Physician assistant


Evaluated new and existing patient reports, communicated any issues with the supervising physician, and performed additional assessments when lab results were unclear. Completed patient paperwork including medical claims for insurance companies, disability support requests, and handicapped permit applications.

  • Assisted the head physician in traumatic spinal injuries, reconstructive surgery operations, wound infections, and other orthopedic emergencies.
  • Evaluated 18 EKG reads, CT images, and lab results per day, improving team performance at both the departmental and organizational levels.
  • Served as a sole in-patient physician assistant to perform non-invasive neurosurgical procedures, assisting patients undergoing spinal surgeries and craniotomies from pre-op to safe discharge.
  • Reviewed imaging tests, CT/MRI scans, and x-rays to investigate abnormal conditions.
  • Oversaw post-op care operations in the cardiovascular intensive care unit, and assisted cardiothoracic surgeons with cutting sutures, clamping off blood vessels, replacing valves, and harvesting veins.

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Physician assistant


Joined the IT department on multiple internal quality projects to help improve patient safety, reduce errors, and optimize workflow. Assisted with new patient evaluation, postoperative or post-procedure follow-ups, and educated families regarding disease process and care.

  • Reduced diagnostic testing time by over 12% by reviewing preoperative data sheets ahead of each procedure and evaluating laboratory studies regularly to ensure all information provided to the patient was accurate and up to date.
  • Conducted post-op care in several intensive care units, attending daily hospital rounds and documenting all medical evaluations, procedures, and diagnoses.
  • Supported patients while recovering from chronic illnesses by prescribing medication, ordering diagnostic tests, and advising on physical therapy treatments when needed.
  • Collaborated with a team of 20 residents and therapists to develop personalized patient care plans for patients affected by neurological illnesses.
  • Maintained active communication with post-op patients, helping them overcome complications and providing solutions to their care plan after discharge from the clinic.

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