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Computer engineer

Entry level

Managed hardware installation, support, and root cause analysis for company IT department. Provided remote and on-site assistance while ensuring all computer systems and programs were up-to-date.

  • Maintained employee relationships through consistent communications and technical support.
  • Researched and procured relevant hardware and directed installation tasks for company desktops, laptops, and servers.
  • Designed and installed hardware products and software systems including circuit boards and modems.
  • Monitored daily operations and desktop administration to identify opportunities for improvement.

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QA tester


Interfaced with day-to-day operations of the Project Management Organization and Development teams. Planned and executed usability study for an external website. Interviewed study participants and documented results. Tested Web Site by providing highly experienced insight. Recorded all defects. Documented and Presented Study Results.

  • Developed and executed test plans based on business requirements. Wrote integration, regression, and automated test cases.
  • Maintained and executed regression test suites. Ran Beta testing and defect management. Prepared test cases for automation. Technical environment: C#.
  • Successfully collaborated with the Agile team on new development testing during the design phase.
  • Analyzed functional requirement documents to create a detailed suite of test plans, test cases, and scripts.
  • Provided recommendations on areas for test case automation; executed test cases and analyzed results.
  • Led QA effort during deployments including coordination of cross-functional resources.
  • Identified, recorded, documented, and tracked code bugs as they arise and perform regression testing.
  • Participated in daily SCRUM meetings to report the defect and test execution status to the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Communicated effectively within the team on challenges and escalations.

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IT technician

Entry level

Resolved technical incidents and requests on time, and documented work and steps within the company’s service management tool. Escalated incidents and requests to appropriate internal/external personnel when further expertise was required. Adhered to all standards, policies, and procedures.

  • Identified project issues and recommended corrective action regarding software/hardware enhancements to lead IT Technician for approval.
  • Monitored and responded quickly to incoming IT requests through various channels and followed up with clients to ensure issues were resolved.
  • Administered IT systems and enforced adherence to governance processes and policies and escalated issues to the higher tiers.
  • Sourced third-party vendors for software/hardware solutions when internal resources were unavailable or lower-cost options were available.
  • Researched IT assets and accessories to keep inventory adequately stocked, planned and purchased hardware and software licenses, and ensured timely delivery to end-users.

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IT specialist


Supported Information Engineers in coding, testing, implementation, and documentation projects. Conceptualized, designed, constructed, tested, and implemented portions of business and technical Information Technology (IT) solutions through application of appropriate software development life cycle methodology.

  • Interacted with the customers to gain an understanding of the business environment, technical context, and organizational strategic direction.
  • Defined scope, plans, and deliverables for assigned projects while organizing detailed user and IT requirements.
  • Coordinated with the team in analyzing collected requirements to ensure plans and identified solutions meet customer needs and expectations.
  • Confirmed and prioritized project plans and deliverables with the customer.
  • Participated in business and technical IT solution implementations, upgrades, enhancement, and conversions.
  • Implemented metrics to monitor performance and measure key project criteria.
  • Prepared system documentation and establish and maintained security, integrity, and business continuity controls and documents.
  • Analyzed, identified, and resolved business and or technical problems using appropriate tools.
  • Participated in programs on emerging tools, techniques, and technologies.

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Computer technician


Maintained network performance by performing network monitoring and analysis, performance tuning, and provided technical and computer support for 300-member faculty and 14, 000 students in over 400 classrooms and labs. Demonstrated and delivered effective and excellent customer service tactfully, courteously, and effectively.

  • Supervised 7 learning labs, led a team of 14 lab assistants.
  • Maintained computer printers and other hardware.
  • Answered phone calls from users needing technical support.
  • Performed computer setups, configuration, and maintenance for state-of-the-art learning labs.
  • Serviced classroom computer workstations and USB-connected peripherals.

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IT business analyst


Drove digital publishing platforms to deliver the best customer shopping experience for the company’s online customers. Led UAT planning and execution across platforms and cross-functional teams. Continually bridge the gap between strategy and execution to ensure the success of customers, stakeholders, and team members.

  • Developed creative solutions alongside Product and technology teams through the project phases to promote quality, scalability, and process improvement.
  • Led multiple projects simultaneously through software development cycles using Agile, waterfall, or hybrid methodologies.
  • Promoted best-in-class processes and systems with intuitive UI to support the business goals.
  • Conducted workshops for requirement gathering with cross-functional teams.
  • Gathered business requirements with business users and wrote detailed requirement documentation utilizing business use cases and user stories, data analysis, and process maps.
  • Engaged Stakeholders during change management initiative, leveraged clear and strategic communication to ensure employee buy-in and companywide adoption of change; significantly reduced negative change impact to the organization.

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IT analyst


Supported all development and testing efforts, ensuring a smooth transition to production for vendor packaged and custom software solutions. Built and implemented IT software solutions to support the processes while collaborating with multiple stakeholders to understand and document the end-to-end business processes.

  • Significantly improved deployment and support solutions by combining architecture, engineering, and operations functions into a single group, enabling world-class support with minimal resources.
  • Translated business requirements into logical and physical design specifications to configure, document, and test software application solutions across multiple functional groups.
  • Defined and documented re-usable test cases; built test objects and data as needed.
  • Participated in design and execution of system, integration, and performance testing.

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Computer engineer


Designed, developed, and tested computer hardware, including computer systems, circuit boards, computer chips, keyboards, routers, and printers. Supervised the manufacturing, production, and installation of the parts. Identified and isolated defects. Built, tested, and modified product prototypes.

  • Oversaw the design and production of computer hardware equipment. Tested and re-tested parts to ensure they work properly.
  • Designed and test circuits and other electronic components.
  • Integrated components into the final design.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of the design and made changes if required.
  • Estimated cost, reliability, and safety factors.
  • Managed technicians and engineers during the development phase.
  • Analyzed information and recommend appropriate hardware to users.
  • Designed support peripherals, including central processing units (CPUs), support logic, microprocessors, custom integrated circuits, and printers and disk drives.
  • Specified power supply requirements and configuration. Retrieved data for analysis of system capabilities.

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QA tester

Entry level

Worked alongside senior QA testers and project managers in preparing QA project schedules and allocating resources. Pivotal in the development of revolutionary test plans and cases, system tools and methodologies, as well as the automation of test procedures. 

  • Assured the full functionality of all software applications developed for the company’s clients by generating precise reports on a wide range of software bugs and errors.
  • Consistently delivered test projects within the stipulated time frames by leveraging task prioritization and decision-making skills.

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IT technician


Performed installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, database configurations, and monitored network security for SQL database and XOS Digital systems as per documented procedures and protocols.

  • Maintained the technical support website and user authentication databases; created and posted knowledge-based articles on the support website and managed user access for software updates and SQL reporting tools.
  • Identified and recommended updates to the knowledge-based systems and maintenance packages.
  • Produced and edited Oklahoma College Football games.
  • Monitored daily backups, antivirus status, shared storage space, and network activity, adjusting network equipment and settings as needed to improve system performance.
  • Troubleshot and effectively resolved issues to achieve challenging goals and objectives.
  • Supported IT infrastructure team in Installation, repair, configuration, system administration, and maintenance.

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