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Computer engineer
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Computer engineer
Computer engineer
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Computer engineer


Designed, developed, and tested computer hardware, including computer systems, circuit boards, computer chips, keyboards, routers, and printers. Supervised the manufacturing, production, and installation of the parts. Identified and isolated defects. Built, tested, and modified product prototypes.

  • Oversaw the design and production of computer hardware equipment. Tested and re-tested parts to ensure they work properly.
  • Designed and test circuits and other electronic components.
  • Integrated components into the final design.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of the design and made changes if required.
  • Estimated cost, reliability, and safety factors.
  • Managed technicians and engineers during the development phase.
  • Analyzed information and recommend appropriate hardware to users.
  • Designed support peripherals, including central processing units (CPUs), support logic, microprocessors, custom integrated circuits, and printers and disk drives.
  • Specified power supply requirements and configuration. Retrieved data for analysis of system capabilities.

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Computer engineer

Entry level

Managed hardware installation, support, and root cause analysis for company IT department. Provided remote and on-site assistance while ensuring all computer systems and programs were up-to-date.

  • Maintained employee relationships through consistent communications and technical support.
  • Researched and procured relevant hardware and directed installation tasks for company desktops, laptops, and servers.
  • Designed and installed hardware products and software systems including circuit boards and modems.
  • Monitored daily operations and desktop administration to identify opportunities for improvement.

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Computer engineer


Spearheaded Active Directory software solution development and completed project ahead of schedule. Worked with users and administrators to define parameters. Built and launched solution to support company operations.

  • Partnered with engineering team to outline software architecture design and implementation strategy.
  • Drafted front-end code templates for software integration while operating within testing environment.
  • Documented user account actions and updated project goals as needed.
  • Ensured regulatory compliance and adherence to coding best practices throughout software development, launch, and management.

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Computer engineer


Designed and implemented enterprise level software application to support business needs. Utilized front-end and back-end programming languages to integrate streamlined Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software operations.

  • Leveraged C+, Python, and SQL programming languages to develop advanced coding structures.
  • Collaborated with key stakeholders to define project requirements and develop update strategy.
  • Built and maintained MongoDB database to handle organizational info, client data, and software product packages.
  • Coordinated project launch with senior leadership and conducted post launch risk assessment, fielding updates and fixes as needed.

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