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IT specialist
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IT specialist
IT specialist
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IT specialist


Supported Information Engineers in coding, testing, implementation, and documentation projects. Conceptualized, designed, constructed, tested, and implemented portions of business and technical Information Technology (IT) solutions through application of appropriate software development life cycle methodology.

  • Interacted with the customers to gain an understanding of the business environment, technical context, and organizational strategic direction.
  • Defined scope, plans, and deliverables for assigned projects while organizing detailed user and IT requirements.
  • Coordinated with the team in analyzing collected requirements to ensure plans and identified solutions meet customer needs and expectations.
  • Confirmed and prioritized project plans and deliverables with the customer.
  • Participated in business and technical IT solution implementations, upgrades, enhancement, and conversions.
  • Implemented metrics to monitor performance and measure key project criteria.
  • Prepared system documentation and establish and maintained security, integrity, and business continuity controls and documents.
  • Analyzed, identified, and resolved business and or technical problems using appropriate tools.
  • Participated in programs on emerging tools, techniques, and technologies.

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IT specialist

Entry level

Conducted user support, computer setup, maintenance and service, telecommunications, network and infrastructure analysis, and several other technological needs when requested. Provided a high level of customer service while supporting technical and other office staff in fast-paced environments.

  • Promptly responded to IT-related incidents and service requests, utilizing best practices to troubleshoot and resolve end-user problems.
  • Tracked issues and ensured technical issues were addressed and resolved the enterprise network operations center with assigned incidents.
  • Provided information and technical support across numerous devices and systems, escalating support needs to leadership as needed.
  • Gathered feedback and evaluated the impact of the company’s IT services and reported findings to management.
  • Coordinated the repair and maintenance of the company’s peripheral activities with third-party vendors.

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IT specialist


Vetted third-party vendors and negotiated the best pricing for hardware/software quotes and procurement to help allocate funds for the organization. Managed the local technology to increase reliability, security, interoperability, and productivity of client work while reducing costs with innovative solutions.

  • Conducted systems security evaluations, audits, and reviews to develop AIS security contingency plans and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Monitored and tracked control access programs to ensure to viability and implementation of appropriate security policies and procedures.
  • Provided vulnerability analysis and risk assessment tests of installed and planned information systems to assure local policies and procedures provided adequate protection.
  • Investigated local AIS programs to identify and determine potential breaches of security and other violations.
  • Oversee junior specialist support for network routing, desktop, laptop, and mobile device computing management.

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