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Front-end developer

Entry level

Maintained company website including page optimization, graphic design, and content curation across 20+ web pages. Partnered with User Experience (UX) Manager and development team to coordinate updates.

  • Coded various dynamic templates for use across landing, products, contact, and company bio pages.
  • Coordinated with business leaders and stakeholders to define site requirements.
  • Completed programming tasks within test environment and utilizes GitHub repositories to collaborate with colleagues.
  • Maintained site revision and optimization according to site maintenance needs, user activity research, and SEO strategies.

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Web developer

Entry level

Oversaw project success and adherence to client specifications as go-to creative asset on 3-member development team. Fixed bugs and implemented application enhancements to improve user experiences, web functionality, and loading speed. Used ASP.NET, JavaScript, content management system, and other technologies and standards.

  • Led interactive website design project that generated 30% more user clicks, boosting sales 10%.
  • Reduced issue resolution ticket submissions 20% by training staff and end users on new functions and features at time of deployment.
  • Minimized downtime 15% by defining a streamlined approach to design and testing procedures.

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SQL developer

Entry level

Co-created website database to manage users for podcast host client. Collaborated with a team of freelancer programmers to design back-end cope templates and integrate authentication and security measures. Launched and maintained database 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

  • Interviewed client to determine project requirements and define development strategy.
  • Participated in daily meetings to organize resources and track project status over time.
  • Coded back-end database operations using JavaScript, NodeJS, and SQL.
  • Conducted user testing operations in static environment to uncover bugs, potential User Experience (UX) pain points, and troubleshoot errors.
  • Worked with development team to monitor site post-launch and deliver relevant updates and bug fixes as needed.

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Web designer


Maintained cross-program and cross-stage similarity, responsible for visual plan and code creation support of the main web-based interface for work area and smartphones.

  • Designed layouts for a variety of promotional items, including email campaigns, check inserts, posters, check inserts, and menu designs, and provided poster mounting services when necessary.
  • Created UI/collaboration plan and created front-end advancement for a versatile web form, portable tagging utilizing jQuery portable structure.
  • Assembled RSS XML item channel for an eCommerce site.
  • Created website page mockups, adhering to specific guidelines and headings given in User Interface wire-outline documentation.

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Database developer


Managed software development and maintenance for critical system components while constructing efficient processes operating on large distributed systems using Oracle PL/SQL. Delivered complex mission-critical applications in a large processing environment while effectively managing offshore contractors.

  • Designed and developed complex applications and programs by collaborating with project teams in gathering requirements.
  • Translated business requirements and functional design specifications into technical solutions.
  • Collaborated with multi-functional engineering teams to define and implement some of the core backend platform frameworks and systems
  • Worked closely with the development team to ensure proper system design and implementation.
  • Assessed design and development need to evaluate the proposed changes to build or enhance the software solution.
  • Provided ongoing support to users through maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Ensured that security and quality assurance best practices are followed throughout the software development lifecycle.

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Front-end developer


Experienced front-end developer who delivers exceptional customer service and responsive product design tailored to standards and requirements. Supports small teams in the collaborative approach to product development and improvement lifecycles. History of implementing RESTful APIs in Django for greater reporting speeds and using JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

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Web developer


Directed 5 Junior Developers through full life-cycle web development projects from initial design through completion. Managed client expectations and relationships as cross-functional team liaison. Programmed using PHP, HTML, JavaScript and content management systems such as WordPress.

  • Reduced website migration time 80% by developing and integrating custom templates and themes into WordPress, PHP-Fusion, and Concrete5.
  • Developed product recommendation engine in collaboration with marketing data science team that increased average user time on page by 5 minutes.
  • Devised and implemented process to increase client creative involvement that accelerated time to testing by 20%.

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SQL developer


Led design, development, and maintenance of architectural integration reporting solutions for the company’s portfolio of internal and external data providers. Delivered best-in-class technology solutions to end-users ensuring compliance with client’s change management processes and procedures.

  • Created, updated, configured, and managed several Microsoft SQL Server Environments. Oversaw the implementation, configuration, security, maintenance, and performance of SQL Server RDBMS systems as well as enterprise applications.
  • Maintained SQL Server database objects and performed database capacity planning, data modeling, data loads, troubleshooting, database backup, and recovery while supporting onsite applications.
  • Integrated DBMS(s) and data with the existing application software, websites, portals, and storage devices/business applications.
  • Tested for Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Plans(COOP).
  • Gathered and documented complex stakeholder requirements to create test plans to validate the development needs.
  • Mentored and trained team members on development, debugging and documentation of root cause analysis and resolution.

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Web designer

Entry level

Hired full-time from contract position to create secure, UX-friendly website design using HTML, CSS, and Adobe AfterEffects. Serve as design team liaison in a customer-facing role. Create vector graphics and logos based on customer brand. Collaborated with senior designers and content experts to organize new content and drive user interface satisfaction.

  • Oversee all formatting, color, and typography to create 4+ client websites and 60+ unique graphic branding materials monthly.
  • Improve retention 22% by implementing standardized language to communicate client requests with design teams.
  • Secured 97% customer satisfaction over contract length and 98% over first year of full-time employment.
  • Awarded “Web Designer of the Month” five times over two years.

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Database developer


Managed a team of 7 to 9 developers globally, onsite, and offshore. Provided solutions for business reporting requirements for internal and external customers of Thermo King.

  • Managed team activities that include allocation of work, team mentoring, tracking the progress of the work, and ensuring its completion on time.
  • Set up the entire BI environment for Cognos and OBIEE.
  • Worked closely with the network team for the server architecture to support a robust BI environment. Installed and configured the Cognos and OBIEE toolsets.
  • Designed and implemented the complete security model to address data level and object level security for users.
  • Played a key role in setting up an enterprise-wide data warehouse solution.
  • Performed gap analysis on the business requirements and BI DW environment shortfalls.
  • Gathered, documented, and validated business requirements and line the BI space per the requirements.
  • Performed detailed analysis of source data and designed the extract transform and load strategies to load the cleaned-up data into the EDW to make it one source of truth for the data.
  • Designed and documented the data mappings from source to EDW.
  • Designed and developed several DAC plans to facilitate the data loads.
  • Stayed cognizant of other projects and their data loads into the EDW and addressed the impact of multiple data loads into the same tables nightly.
  • Re-used the existing BI DW components to satisfy business needs for data without expanding the DW BI space unnecessarily with additional components.
  • Planned, designed, documented, implemented, and tested upgrades to all components of BI.
  • Traveled throughout the globe to present, knowledge transfer, and train user community on a new project.
  • Earned Presidents’ Award for the Driving to Excellence project, and the TK Pillar of Pride for outstanding achievement, and various Bravo Awards for project accomplishments.

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