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Software engineer
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Software engineer
Software engineer
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Software engineer

Entry level

Tested automated computer system suites to ensure the quality of products and user experiences. Modified and enhanced existing applications according to client specifications and supervisor directions. Followed and prepared detailed specifications to model, configure and implement programs.

  • Performed a variety of maintenance and integration activities for existing software applications and systems.
  • Applied strong analytical skills to identify the root causes of any technical issues to help determine the best course for corrective action.
  • Tasked with identifying, researching, and reporting new technologies before implementation of known options.
  • Formulated and communicated ideas and plans to the project coordinator and then made approved recommendations to customers.
  • Developed diagrams, flowcharts, and models to demonstrate the type of code that is necessary for developers and programmers to use.

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Software developer


Designed, developed, tested, and maintained scalable and stable applications and custom-built technology solutions. Identify a specific legacy system set of business capabilities and create a prototype application to operate in a cloud environment. Collaborate with technology peers on design/development/support phases of projects and through the implementation and production support phases.

  • Supported projects from conception to delivery using the Pega platform while ensuring the implementation is consistent with design decisions, standards, and best practices.
  • Created reusable component architecture and reusable software code across the enterprise to provide a best-in-class customer experience.
  • Conducted full life-cycle software development in multiple software environments.
  • Translated complex business requirements into functional technical requirements and performing solutions by using Pega technology to improve usability, performance, and data quality.
  • Worked with Agile team on interpretation epics, acceptance criteria, and requirements into user stories to be completed within a sprint, further develop sprints and test to identify bugs, issues, and defects at an early stage.
  • Conducted root cause analysis and complex performance tuning.

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Java developer


Directed cross-functional development team of 5 by leading end-to-end projects including design and development while effectively collaborating with Solution Architect and Project Director. Architected, build, and delivered highly scalable software solutions.

  • Designed, developed, and maintained enterprise-class mission-critical web applications for Wealth & Trust business domains using java applications.
  • Managed all aspects of application development life cycle (analysis, design, develop, test, deploy, support).
  • Wrote high-quality code with a high level of test coverage ensuring compliance with company policies, vulnerability management, and technology updates, Software Development Life-cycle policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Automated processes to create simpler, faster, and more secured application
  • Collaborated with business teams to review, analyze, design, and implement solutions that meet the business needs; ensure documentation on architecture, processes, and systems changes are up to date.
  • Educated new and existing team members on project specifics, various technologies, approaches, and architectures.
  • Trained and mentored team members to deliver a quality product that meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Developed specifications for technical requirements by using case models, data models, and software architecture models.
  • Distilled technical specifications to analyze business and functional requirements to deliver high-quality solutions.

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SQL developer

Entry level

Co-created website database to manage users for podcast host client. Collaborated with a team of freelancer programmers to design back-end cope templates and integrate authentication and security measures. Launched and maintained database 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

  • Interviewed client to determine project requirements and define development strategy.
  • Participated in daily meetings to organize resources and track project status over time.
  • Coded back-end database operations using JavaScript, NodeJS, and SQL.
  • Conducted user testing operations in static environment to uncover bugs, potential User Experience (UX) pain points, and troubleshoot errors.
  • Worked with development team to monitor site post-launch and deliver relevant updates and bug fixes as needed.

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Worked on Kanban project management framework to build Laravel applications for Soccer coaches to calculate and manage training sessions for players. Guided team members to be high-performing and mature in Agile practices while serving as lead developer.

  • Led the entire web application development life cycle from conception to delivery and provided post-launch support.
  • Documented the development process, architecture, and standard components.
  • Developed Crypto Mining Application web using Laravel Framework within PHP programming language. 
  • Built WordPress websites; created and submitted plugins to WordPress repository(WP GDPR Data Protection, Gift Voucher, WooCommerce Flyer).
  • Implemented effective database optimization strategies to reduce database system response time. Ensure high performance and availability while managing all technical aspects of the CMS.
  • Designed, Developed, tested, and optimized responsive websites for clients and offered website maintenance and recovery services.

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Database developer


Managed software development and maintenance for critical system components while constructing efficient processes operating on large distributed systems using Oracle PL/SQL. Delivered complex mission-critical applications in a large processing environment while effectively managing offshore contractors.

  • Designed and developed complex applications and programs by collaborating with project teams in gathering requirements.
  • Translated business requirements and functional design specifications into technical solutions.
  • Collaborated with multi-functional engineering teams to define and implement some of the core backend platform frameworks and systems
  • Worked closely with the development team to ensure proper system design and implementation.
  • Assessed design and development need to evaluate the proposed changes to build or enhance the software solution.
  • Provided ongoing support to users through maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Ensured that security and quality assurance best practices are followed throughout the software development lifecycle.

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Software engineer


Delivered architecture to support and secure IT environment applications and leverages enterprise-wide information systems to reengineer IT infrastructure into efficient alignment with core business strategies. Implemented the migration of mission-critical applications into cloud solutions and served as product/project manager for Help and Support, Self-Install, and Virtual Chat applications. Captured architectural requirements and provided enterprise management expertise to synchronize business goals with technology solutions to drive competitive advantage and bottom-line gains.

  • Implemented Agile process utilizing scrum framework to deliver business value, which emphasizes accountability and teamwork; initiated TOGAF framework at the company for documentation and archiving artifacts.
  • Build application architecture for the company’s Digital Life’s Help and Support; increased efficiency and reconciled $2M through strategic reduction of call volume.
  • Designed scalable, cost-effective technology information and user experience architecture for Digital Life Application 2.0. Integrated Video Doorbell, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Voice supporting 400K customers.
  • Facilitated the establishment of a new business unit; reduced enterprise risk by executing information security initiatives including an application proof of concept.
  • Saved $70K per month by designing and developing a conversion tool; transformed customers' SMS messages into push messages.

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Software developer


Demonstrated a strong blend of programming fundamentals with a keen sense of detail in the design of software applications for a variety of clients. Wrote SQL code to facilitate troubleshooting and data analysis, and ensured the highest-quality performance and responsiveness of software products.

  • Designed algorithms and flowcharts to develop new or update software applications and systems according to customer specifications.
  • Contributed to the design and implementation of a self-paced curriculum and training program for new software development hires.
  • Managed heavy workloads when the software development team was short-staffed and ensured the completion of each project according to schedule.
  • Integrated software components with third-party applications, testing and verifying functionality before deployment.
  • Troubleshot, debugged, and upgraded existing software applications based on user feedback and internal evaluations.

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Java developer

Entry level

Worked alongside 10 senior developers in developing code for multiple projects. Assisted with code batch testing, escalating captured issues to the senior development team.

  • Assisted with developing and maintaining a wide range of Java applications and services for multi-sectoral clients. 
  • Liaised with senior developers in both front-end and back-end development, ensuring full functionality of vital applications for several sectors, including health, banking, and logistics.
  • Contributed to the development of a manual that highlighted the functionality of each code, easing future updates and code add-ons.

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SQL developer


Led design, development, and maintenance of architectural integration reporting solutions for the company’s portfolio of internal and external data providers. Delivered best-in-class technology solutions to end-users ensuring compliance with client’s change management processes and procedures.

  • Created, updated, configured, and managed several Microsoft SQL Server Environments. Oversaw the implementation, configuration, security, maintenance, and performance of SQL Server RDBMS systems as well as enterprise applications.
  • Maintained SQL Server database objects and performed database capacity planning, data modeling, data loads, troubleshooting, database backup, and recovery while supporting onsite applications.
  • Integrated DBMS(s) and data with the existing application software, websites, portals, and storage devices/business applications.
  • Tested for Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Plans(COOP).
  • Gathered and documented complex stakeholder requirements to create test plans to validate the development needs.
  • Mentored and trained team members on development, debugging and documentation of root cause analysis and resolution.

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