Administrative assistant

Administrative assistant
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Administrative assistant
Administrative assistant
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22Administrative assistant resume examples found

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Administrative assistant


Provided administrative support to key executives of HR, compliance, accounting, and finance department within a busy office. Planned client meetings, made travel arrangements, accurately prepared, and maintained files and records in the company database, submitted monthly expense reports, and managed day-to-day data entry and Word processing. Managed company’s websites and direct mail program. Significantly improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and productivity by establishing standard workflows.

  • Answered multiple incoming telephone lines, directed inquiries appropriately, and resolved conflicts with courtesy. Drafted and reviewed policies, and legal documents.
  • Wrote personnel and procedure manuals, processed performance evaluations, assisted in investigations of alleged misconduct and other complaints, and assisted in corrective action and terminations.
  • Informed new hires about compensation and other benefits, work scheduling and conditions, leave and vacation policies, and company policies and procedures while delivering ongoing training.

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Oversaw all front office, secretarial and administrative tasks in a busy Attorney’s office. Drafted legal documents including pleadings, motions, dispositions, subpoenas, and correspondence for a legal proceeding.

  • Continually communicated with clients regarding the status of cases and updates about the representation through disposition.
  • Created a scheduling system that significantly increased productivity.
  • Organized and retrieved case and office information for advocacy team members.
  • Utilized multiple systems and databases including an internal case management system to enter, update and retrieve information.
  • Troubleshot office equipment, printers, computers, fax machines, and copiers and scheduled maintenance request.
  • Planned meetings, arranged travel, distributed mails, submitted monthly expense reports and managed day-to-day data entry and Word processing.

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Office assistant


Performed medical reception duties including answering telephones, screening calls, taking messages and pulling patient information. Supported patient accounting department to clarify claim submission and claim denial appeal efforts. Notified payers via e-mail or phone within 8 business hours of service to ensure compliance with Managed Care contractual requirements.

  • Interview patients to acquire medical histories, collect vitals, perform a drug test, and record information on patients' charts using an electronic database.
  • Prepared job descriptions, reviewed applications, assisted doctors with interviews and conducted assessments before hiring.
  • Verified and investigated pre-certification, authorization, and referral requirements for services by contacting insurers in advance and obtain a certification number for reimbursement ensuring maximum reimbursement for services.
  • Improved patient satisfaction by increasing awareness, empowering staff to address and resolve customer concerns.
  • Tracked authorizations from various carriers such as BCBS, Medicare, and Medicaid.

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Virtual assistant

Entry level

Challenging remote role which required proactiveness and collaboration in the execution of daily duties. 

  • Worked collaboratively with staff to organize efficient work schedules and appointments.
  • Worked within the HR department to draft routine emails in regards to company policies and notices.
  • Leverage relations skills to promote cordial relationships with customers and increasing satisfaction rates.
  • Fulfilled different administrative functions in support of a fast-paced work environment.

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Administrative assistant

Entry level

Introductory position requiring sharp analytical and active learning skills to perform duties within a fast paced workspace.

  • Drafted internal correspondence as directed by superiors to efficiently disseminate important information across the office.
  • Studied office calendar to effectively schedule meetings and prepare documents required for each engagement.
  • Leveraged interpersonal and communication skills to facilitate seamless work relations with staff and provide assistance as needed.
  • Monitored office supplies and placed orders to replenish inventory as needed.

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Managed multi-functional role as an Office Manager and Secretary to the SVP. Handled all onboarding tasks for new employees, ensuring employment laws and guidelines were followed. Executed event planning and management including program timelines, budgets, logistics, invitations, registration, and communication with internal and external partners.

  • Negotiated with vendors and suppliers on best pricing reducing the cost of office supplies by 30%.
  • Implemented company-wide document organization process which improved workflow efficiency by 50%.
  • Monitored supplies and ordered when inventory levels are low. Partnered with suppliers and vendors to ensure timely and accurate delivery of supplies.
  • Communicated policies and objectives, oversaw unforeseen issues, and served as a liaison to clients, internal staff, and external contacts.

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Office assistant


Handled high-level inbound and outbound calls while delivering exceptional customer service at the front office. Received, sorted, distributed faxes and mails as well as ordered office supplies and scheduled equipment repair and maintenance.

  • Organized video conferencing meetings for staff during the COVID-19 pandemic using various online tools such as Zoom, Skype, and Slack video calls.
  • Assisted Managers in creating efficient operations, standardized processes, data management, and reporting.
  • Supported administrative department in filing, typing, copying, binding, and scanning.
  • Coordinated with Human Resource Manager in facilitating new hire orientation and talent acquisition.

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Virtual assistant


Supported team members in the successful completion of several projects on time through researching, scheduling, and coordinating appointments, as well as proactively monitoring the client’s calendars to identify potential conflicts ensuring the team is maximizing the client’s time.

  • Responded to shifting priorities/deadlines while administering complex travel arrangements, multiple calendars, and resolved scheduling conflicts.
  • Established and maintained an extensive network of relationships with hotels, destination management companies, and travel-related associations.
  • Coordinated complex travel itineraries for large groups including domestic and international travel, economic climate, and consumer attitudes worldwide.
  • Managed digital marketing and email marketing campaigns, inbound /outbound calls, maintained client database, and attended client meetings to close accounts.

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Administrative assistant


Maintained calendars and schedules of senior executives overseeing travel arrangements while preparing travel documents and compiling all travel expenses. Collaborated with the team to implement operational improvement initiatives and executing best practices to optimize workflow.

  • Managed team drives, calendars, contacts, listings, social networks, and websites.
  • Effectively communicate with internal teams by retrieving external messages and requests.
  • Supported team on special projects including, analyzing spreadsheets and tracking, equipment management, logistics, documentation, and collateral coordination.
  • Supervised 1 Office Manager and junior Administrative Assistant while training new hires on company policies and procedures.

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Managed scheduling surgeries for 5 doctors while obtaining surgery authorization from individual insurances. Processed and verified Insurance benefits, eligibility, and disability insurance claims. Directed and trained 15 Office Managers ensuring patients and their families are greeted well at the front office while avoiding wait times.

  • Performed routine accounting, office administrative, and secretarial duties at the OB/GYN clinic including managing daily calendars, scheduling appointments without deficiencies, creating expense reports, and handling accounts receivable / accounts payable.
  • Commended for excellent multi-tasking abilities and prioritizing daily patient care.
  • Managed electronic health system, responded to inquiries, and effectively communicated with clients and suppliers.

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