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Data entry clerk

Entry level

Assisted with typing communication, reports, and memos from hand-written drafts. Reviewed invoices, reports, staff personal details forms, and customer information to gather important information for the generation of various ad-hoc reports.

  • Liaised with various concerned parties in correcting all discrepancies in gathered data, maintaining 100% accuracy in all data entries into the company’s databases.
  • Assured data security by setting up efficient backup systems that minimized incidents of data loss in cases of system crashes.
  • Revitalized the filing function by establishing a new physical file storage system that reduced the retrieval times by 40%.

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Accounting clerk

Entry level

Developed useful bookkeeping and communication skills while working as a sales associate at a local grocery store.

  • Processed payment transactions, special orders and organized customer purchases.
  • Counted, recorded and maintained all cash available in the balance cash drawer.
  • Tracked, organized and replenished inventory levels of all merchandise and supplies.
  • Provided support to all departments as needed.

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Multifaceted role requiring office administration and prioritization skills to support multiple workflows to successful completion.

  • Facilitated office workflows and expedite the distribution of information by managing all correspondence and phone calls.
  • Managed administrative initiatives and supported workflows to ensure the completion of daily milestone and the attainment of overall goals.
  • Coordinated with other departments to manage work schedules and organize travel arrangements.
  • On-boarded and trained new administrative hires to ensure the efficiency of the office.

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Clerical worker


Managed inbound calls, resolved administrative issues, and performed basic accounting and bookkeeping duties. Helped the Accounting department in streamlining accounting procedures and processes.

  • Reduced cost of office supplies by 20% through negotiating with wholesale suppliers on best pricing and created a buying process.
  • Saved time in retrieving files through integrating the filling system with the new system.
  • Automated records management system which significantly saved time and increased productivity.
  • Spearheaded office procedures and assigned tasks to the staff to improve efficiency.

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Law clerk


Assist team of 10 attorneys in preparing legal briefs and opinions. Gather and compile facts and relevant case information to help attorneys prepare for depositions and trials. Provide legal, technical, and administrative support for document management and correspondence.

  • Sourced over 200 legal precedents relevant for high-profile intellectual property matter, sorting through documents to discern which ones could be used to support legal opinion.
  • Outlined 3 legal opinions, 1 of which was published on company website with minimal edits, revisions, or additions.
  • Performed extensive research and analysis on varied corporate issues, including data security, tax exemptions, employment agreements, and commercial property.
  • Worked closely with 2 attorneys to conduct criminal background checks for a unique client case.
  • Drafted 20+ data requests submitted to government and private agencies.

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File clerk


Delivered clerical support in a busy archive. Gathered all incoming digital and hard copy documents, sorting and filing them manually and electronically. Scanned, printed, and photocopied documents for senior staff use. 

  • Maintained files alphabetically and numerically, reducing file retrieval time by up to 40%. 
  • Maintained high levels of confidentiality by establishing codes for various top-secret files, preventing access to unauthorized personnel.
  • Eliminated delays in the filing processes by maintaining adequate levels of the inventory of files, paper clips, markers, labels, etc.

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Data entry clerk


Handled general office and data entry duties such as the creation of documents/ spreadsheets, fax, copy, and reports. Utilized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) database to input data for all demographic information, ensuring the accuracy of patient information on laboratory reports.

  • Captured data accurately from the paperwork submitted at the laboratory with the specimens to ensure patient safety.
  • Selected and negotiated with vendors on the best pricing and eliminated unnecessary costs through efficiency improvements. Reduced 50% cost on products and saved 50% on shipping.
  • Created accurate reports on lab techniques, experiments, budget, and expenses; submitted a weekly report to Associate Vice President of Research and Development (R&D) by utilizing agile methodologies.

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Accounting clerk


Interactive role requiring relations and communication skills to provide accounting and clerical support to teams.

  • Prepared detailed accounting reports and worked with other departments to investigate and resolve account discrepancies.
  • Leveraged efficient accounting software to significantly reduce reconciliation discrepancies.
  • Managed ledger accounts for clients and routinely processes payroll and benefits.
  • Compiled, summarized and analyzed financial data to facilitate strategic decision making.

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Entry level

Challenging role which required proactiveness and collaboration in the execution of daily duties. 

  • Leveraged word and data processing tools to prepare presentations and reports that facilitate decision making.
  • Processed and distributed incoming and outgoing correspondence to ensure the availability of information when needed.
  • Managed work schedules and travel arrangements.
  • Promptly and accurately performed duties to support workflows and ensure the completion of daily milestones.

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Clerical worker

Entry level

Provided assistance with routine office tasks, including typing, scanning, and printing documents, capturing data in Excel spreadsheets, drafting and distributing confidential letters and reports, answering calls, and responding to mail.

  • Improved response to queries via email by designing response templates to all frequently asked questions, increasing the number of emails responded to by 60%.
  • Collaborated with the senior management in setting up a new records management system, saving the department at least 2 hours a day that was being lost during document retrieval.

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