Restaurant management

Restaurant management
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Restaurant management
Restaurant management
Resume examples

24Restaurant management resume examples found

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Restaurant manager


Created high-quality customer-centric service environment through staff development, customer engagement plans, and proactive expenditure reductions such as waste, spoilage, or turnover. Managed inventories, storage conditions, and sales improvement planning. Directed all business operations and financial reporting in compliance with legal regulations and safety standards.

  • Reduced variable costs 4% by controlling excess waste and overtime expenditures.
  • Exceeded monthly goals 8% consistently by training staff in customer relationship development, upselling techniques, and featuring food specials throughout the week.

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Bar manager


Unparalleled track record of strategic visioning and planning leading to multi-thousand dollar revenue growth for high-end restaurants and bars over 15+ years in the industry. Excels in building relationships with community stakeholders, public relations managers, celebrities, and more to create unique experiences that set businesses apart from the competition.

  • Developed operating policies and procedures in ever-changing environments and provided support in other areas to maintain the integrity of the business.
  • Researched local competitors and developed new marketing strategies involving specialized custom drinks and promotions.
  • Revamped employee training program to improve performance, drive sales, and grow customer base to ensure weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals were met.
  • Initiated an employee rewards system that motivated them to assume greater responsibilities and seek advancement within our establishment.
  • Reduced expenses by negotiating contracts with existing and sought new vendors that could keep our costs below the norm.

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Executive chef


Motivated kitchen staff and developed cooperative and constructive working relationships to create a positive environment. Monitored sanitation practices and ensured kitchen staff followed all local, state, and federal safety standards and regulations, and adhered to the company’s policies and procedures.

  • Planned, supervised, and coordinated activities of prep cooks, head cooks, and other food preparation workers.
  • Followed the restaurant’s standardized recipes, portioning, and presentation standards, creating new meal options according to customer preferences.
  • Complied with local, state, and federal health and sanitation ordinances and restaurant sanitation policies and procedures.
  • Maintained inventory of food and non-food supplies and equipment to ensure the restaurant stayed within guidelines and products were available at all times.
  • Ensured the thorough training of culinary leaders and sous-chefs, and kept detailed evaluation reports of their work progress.

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Restaurant manager


Piloted cross-functional teams to exceed yearly sales goals by 20%+ for 3 different restaurant locations over 10-year period. Developed and implemented uniquely tailored leadership strategies for each establishment.

  • Developed and adhered to personal plan of action for each new leadership endeavor.
  • Met with all employees upon arrival at restaurants to form positive relationships and better understand daily operations.
  • Researched and tracked customer engagement, sales revenue, and product rollouts to formulate tailored strategies.
  • Championed process improvement while leading food service teams.

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