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Entry level

While in college, took on a part-time position as a cashier for a local grocery store.

  • Established cordial relationships with patrons to provide premium services and build loyalty.
  • Efficiently processed all payment transactions in form of cash, checks, and coupons.
  • Provided assistance to customers to help them in their selection of available items.
  • Managed relations with clients and provided them with information on special offers and promotions.

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Bank teller


Performed financial transactions including receiving checks and cash for deposit to savings and checking accounts, verifying deposit amounts, examining checks for endorsement and negotiability. Ensure compliance with security and regulation procedures for the protection of cash and other assets.

  • Entered transactions into bank records utilizing the online teller terminal.
  • Cashed customer checks and paid money from savings and checking accounts upon verification of signatures and customer account balances. 
  • Inspected all negotiable items including checks, money orders, and saving withdrawals to determine their negotiability.
  • Achieved an excellent drawer balancing record of zero shortages or overages throughout tenure.
  • Lowered average wait-time by 15%, leading to highest customer satisfaction scores.
  • Educated customers on online service offerings and mobile applications.
  • Assisted account holders access technology to enhance banking convenience via multiple self-service channels.

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Financial analyst

Financial analyst

Entry level

Developed strong end-to-end knowledge of the investment and consultancy industry within the company’s structure and through exposure to various functions within Tier 1 and Tier 2 financial organizations. Established relationships with stakeholders from a wide business network and portfolio.

  • Applied analytical skills to process large amounts of data to find profitable opportunities and investments.
  • Supported the consolidated reporting, analysis, and business planning across the company’s investment division.
  • Demonstrated a strong understanding of economic trends, social and political situations, and regulations that could impact a client’s investments.
  • Reviewed potential investments to ensure there were no issues that could lead to complications to the overall health of stable profits.
  • Wrote clear and well-structured business documents to help investors understand growth opportunities and risks.

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Financial analyst


Recruited to undertake due diligence and restore company profitability, involving considerable improvements to finance, HR, payroll, and legal operations. Managed product initiatives including sourcing, contracting and designing business models and break-even analyses.

  • Directed final infomercial campaign and closer of U.S. business, and retrained staff to provide industry analysis and U.S. best practice research and analysis of U.S. retail best practices.
  • Reviewed contracts for international product distribution and OLM.
  • Completed and managed annual budgeting and monthly financial reporting.
  • Achieved recovery by liquidating inventory, producing a 38% recovery rate, and eliminating unprofitable campaigns.
  • Utilized forensic accounting expertise to identify $300,000+ of missing accounts receivables previously missed by auditors from third-party distributors and negotiated settlement.
  • Minimized losses by identifying and creating database queries to track unshipped products.
  • Reduced call center costs by identifying and resolving customer service issues.
  • Increased order conversion by launching a live representative call center.
  • Established new accounting closing procedures and policies, reducing monthly close from 25 to 10 days.
  • Collaborated with auditors to complete an annual audit that was four months behind schedule from previous management.

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Finance manager

Finance manager


Provided leadership to the executive team, senior management, and sales leadership on financial planning, investments, budgets, cash flow, sales forecasting, and process improvements while directly managing sales operations. Managed the day-to-day inputs for the company financial forecast while serving as a solid foundation and knowledgeable advisor throughout the financial decision-making process.

  • Established high levels of quality, accuracy, and process improvements; ensure all efforts are appropriately integrated with all other departmental processes across the organization.
  • Successfully mitigated Covid-19 impact and maintained $400K EBITDA through cost reduction and capturing incremental revenue.
  • Negotiated a $250K Equipment Financing Agreement with collateral loan repayment (new packaging with 1-year payback).
  • Supervised the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements and represented management on the Audit Committee.
  • Added $700K to net income through an effective annual strategic planning and budgeting utilized contribution margin.

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Finance manager


Focused position requiring great attention to detail and project management expertise to successfully manage accounting processes and facilitate business objectives.

  • Worked closely with higher management to evaluate and resolve all finance related issues.
  • Facilitated interdepartmental and cross-functional collaborations to streamline processes to remediate customer issues and devise innovative solutions for case resolution.
  • Executed financial controls functions to ensure that all models and reporting processes include appropriate controls and are in compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Routinely evaluated primary drivers in clients’ businesses, evaluated financial statements and projections to develop strategic financial plans to facilitate business objectives.

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Claims adjuster

Entry level

Examined coverage and liability of various claimants and evaluated all evidence with the goal of creating positive conclusions.

  • Investigated first-party property and injury claims and provided written estimates using Xactimate.
  • Ensured prompt and accurate delivery of claims documents according to policy period and organization’s budget guidelines.
  • Prepared damages appraisal by interviewing parties and witnesses and conducted claims evaluation supported with relevant photos and diagrams.
  • Maintained claims resolution documents accuracy standards up to the mark, and consistently met high quality, completeness, and auditing metrics.
  • Conducted in-person interviews with claimants leveraging problem-solving and strategic thinking approaches to expedite claim resolution.

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Insurance agent


Promoted Allstate Insurance products and services in all endeavors by utilizing up-selling and innovative sales strategies. Advised clients on various asset protection insurance coverage options and utilizes an expert consultative selling approach with clients; known as a trusted advisor. Collaborates with external partners and the local community for referrals. Serves as a liaison between the agency and community to promote insurance products and services. Provides training to new hires on all products, services, sales, and computer systems.

  • Awarded outstanding sales award by Allstate Life insurance and earned Sales Championship Commitment to Excellence.
  • Optimized profitability by continually training, motivating, and mentoring sales associates during business strategies and decision-making processes.
  • Facilitated an inclusive environment that encourages professional growth; Ensured all sales representatives complete sales and service education training; Increased participation rate by 30%.
  • Recognized by managers as a self-motivated professional who consistently delivers outstanding results through problem-solving, communications, and interpersonal strengths.

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Financial advisor

Financial consultant

Entry level

Appraised budgets and organized financial reports for executives to verify that all business policies were in compliance.

  • Designed and assisted clients in their investment goals, examined portfolio performance, forecasted investment risks, and commended applicable asset distribution among various investment units.
  • Evaluated clients' overall financial position by reviewing income statements, assets valuation and done detailed cash flow analysis for over 100+ clients through eMoney that enhanced productivity.
  • Created RFPs to develop business contacts with potential investors for various companies while resolving their related inquiries.
  • Formulated and applied new financial accountability procedures through MoneyGuidepro that effectively increased risk management measures.

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Financial consultant


Provided investment opportunities for Fortune 500 corporations, governments, and some of the world’s most affluent investors. Fostered relationships at the topmost levels while charting and executing value-driven transactions. Business and Market Impact.

  • Delivered double-digit growth for multi-billion- and multitrillion-dollar accounts.
  • Developed industry-first self-regulated hedge fund vehicle. Saved $12M annually by refocusing the strategy and introducing efficient processes for operations and client services. Opportunity Analysis, Deal Structuring, and Execution.
  • Introduced new markets and asset classes for corporations, wealth fund managers, and investors worldwide.
  • Captured 100% market share in emerging countries for some of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies.

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Objectives and summaries

Summary examples


Personable and enthusiastic professional with experience in sales and customer relations positions. Adept at managing high-profile client accounts and establishing strong business relationships which result in an overall increase in revenue and the attainment of defined corporate goals.

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Financial analyst

Accomplished Senior Financial Analyst, offering in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in directing and advising on all aspects of complex financial and accounting processes. Effectively utilizes various financial techniques to analyze financial data, recommend tools, systems, and accounting measures to drive profitable performance. Offers leadership experience with the interpersonal skills needed to build strong relationships. Thrives in fast-paced environments requiring the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects within time limits.

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Finance manager

Methodical finance manager with 6+ years’ professional experience in successfully growing clients’ revenue streams through strategic financial plans and project management. Offering expertise in evaluating business performance, developing detailed financial reports and competition analysis, and cash flow management in support of corporate and individual clients.

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Customer oriented and analytical insurance agent, recognized for skills in sourcing and singing up new clients for policies. Leveraging previous sales and customer service expertise to evaluate each prospective clients’ need and recommend policies suited to them whilst providing them with ample information on insurance premiums, coverages, and claims information.

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Financial advisor

Client-focused financial and banking professional, offering 12+ years of verifiable experience in financial services and client services operations with leading banking institutions. Equipped with both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial leadership to drive top/ bottom-line growth. Utilizes excellent communication skills to develop a relationship with cross-functional business partners and key internal and external stakeholders. Implements cutting-edge solutions that foster improved processes, sound credit policies, and profitability.

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Objective examples


Resourceful Banking professional, well versed in the workings of the financial market and customer care to successfully manage a portfolio of consisting of high income clients. Seeking a challenging position at a reputable financial institution that allows for further career growth.

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Financial analyst

A highly astute, energetic, and team-spirited financial analyst graduate seeking a position to meet and exceed an organization’s goals and objectives. Adept at working as part of a cross-functional team or independently. Communicates effectively with all levels of an organization.

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Finance manager

Analytical and results oriented finance manager, adept at streamlining daily financial operations whilst translating complex data into actionable information to achieve strategic organizational goals. Looking to join an advanced organization that allows for further career growth and exposure.

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Goal-focused insurance agent, recognized for leveraging previous sales and customer service expertise to consistently surpass set sales goals. Looking to build a successful career within an ambitious organization, whilst honing new skills to better execute duties and bring value to clients.

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Financial advisor

Dynamic Financial Advisor, adept at efficiently evaluating clients’ assets whilst educating them on different financial and investment products to develop comprehensive financial plans that facilitate the attainment of their financial goals. Looking to join an ambitious financial institution to raise client satisfaction and facilitate strategic financial plans.

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