Loan officer

Loan officer
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Loan officer
Loan officer
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Loan officer


Multifaceted role requiring critical thinking and relations management skills to support seamless financial processes.

  • Compiled loan and credit documents required for appraisals to process loan applications.
  • Led one-on-one client consultations to compile and assess clients’ financial standing and eligibility for loans.
  • Managed information systems, ensuring the accuracy of each loan application incompliance with established standards of practice.
  • Analyzed current trends and changes in regards to the financial market and policies to provide clients with the most up-to-date information.

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Loan officer


Managed complex portfolio of construction mortgage and commercial loans monitor escrow and PMI payments; evaluate financial data related to new and renewal loan requests. Diligently processed approximately 500 loans, reviewing collateral including UCC statements and Deed of Trust filings; created internal and external reports in regard to the company’s portfolio and asset performance. Collaborated with lender representatives and Client Manager to review and verify borrowers' income, loan repayment schedule, collateral, risk identification, credit reports, property appraisals, and title insurance documents, to prepare and submit loan applications; ensured all operations comply with company policies, Fair Lending, FDIC, and banking regulations. Selected to join Diversity & Inclusion committee to support companywide efforts.

  • Performed ad-hoc analysis and reporting; mitigated risk factors through careful analysis of financial and statistical data.
  • Centralized Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) into a live excel document, improved the accuracy and efficiency of the communication workflow.
  • Impacted performance metrics with lowest error rate on the team; utilized excel document to track daily employee progress, to accurately achieve established goals.

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Loan officer

Entry level

Analytics intensive positon, requiring relations and adaptive skills to effectively perform duties in support of a fast-paced workspace.

  • Trained under the supervision of seasoned professionals to hone skills and deliver the best service to clients.
  • Created and maintained individual accounts/files in accordance with established standards.
  • Provided comprehensive consultations to clients on policies, procedures and requirements in regards to their loans.
  • Routinely drafted and delivered detailed reports to superiors to keep them updated on progresses, issues and concerns.

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Loan officer


Detail-intensive position requiring analytical and critical thinking skills to successfully manage a client portfolio of over $25M.

  • Led induction meetings with clients to discuss the particulars of their loan application and obtain vital information whilst also answering their questions to ensure the seamless processing of their application.
  • Consistently analyzed financial markets to identify and explore prospects for new loans.
  • Developed and maintained functional working relationships with key players in the industry.
  • Managed a client portfolio of over $25M in financing.

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