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Financial advisor
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Financial advisor
Financial advisor
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Financial advisor


Provided insurance and financial services and education to empower people to choose the best financial solutions for their life and legacy needs. Leveraged low- to no-risk life insurance, retirement, business, and estate planning products and solutions. Collaborated with external partners and the local community to promote financial products, services, and wealth accumulation.

  • Identified and analyzed the clients’ financial and insurance needs and long-term financial goals.
  • Conducted reviews of client portfolios, assessed strategies based on objectives and risk profile, identified opportunities and prepared customized low- to no-risk insurance and retirement solutions.

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Financial consultant

Entry level

Appraised budgets and organized financial reports for executives to verify that all business policies were in compliance.

  • Designed and assisted clients in their investment goals, examined portfolio performance, forecasted investment risks, and commended applicable asset distribution among various investment units.
  • Evaluated clients' overall financial position by reviewing income statements, assets valuation and done detailed cash flow analysis for over 100+ clients through eMoney that enhanced productivity.
  • Created RFPs to develop business contacts with potential investors for various companies while resolving their related inquiries.
  • Formulated and applied new financial accountability procedures through MoneyGuidepro that effectively increased risk management measures.

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Financial advisor


Multifaceted role requiring client relations and account management to support and significantly growth clients’ wealth in a high-end investment firm.

  • Managed over 100 client accounts with assets amounting up to $150M under my management.
  • Researched and developed 150+ effective financial strategies and investment plans to consistently grow client’s assets.
  • Successfully achieved a 40% increase in client satisfaction within the first year of joining the firm by providing personalized financial consultations to clients and increasing returns.
  • Evaluated and streamlined internal systems to increase account performance of each client.

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Financial consultant


Provided investment opportunities for Fortune 500 corporations, governments, and some of the world’s most affluent investors. Fostered relationships at the topmost levels while charting and executing value-driven transactions. Business and Market Impact.

  • Delivered double-digit growth for multi-billion- and multitrillion-dollar accounts.
  • Developed industry-first self-regulated hedge fund vehicle. Saved $12M annually by refocusing the strategy and introducing efficient processes for operations and client services. Opportunity Analysis, Deal Structuring, and Execution.
  • Introduced new markets and asset classes for corporations, wealth fund managers, and investors worldwide.
  • Captured 100% market share in emerging countries for some of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies.

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Financial advisor


Dynamic role encompassing client portfolio management and potential investment opportunities research to facilitate clients on their journey to achieving their financial goals.

  • Processed clients’ financial data encompassing assets, debts and projected earnings to translate them into easily understandable visual charts to facilitate discussions on their financial goals and available financial and investment opportunities.
  • Routinely delivered comprehensive financial education to clients on their financial standing and investment prospects to help them in developing strategic plans to achieve their goals.
  • Leveraged practiced financial modelling and forecasting expertise to developed financial strategies tailored to clients’ specific needs.
  • Consistently grew clients’ portfolios and developed strategic investment plans tailored to their needs and long term financial goals.

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Financial consultant


Evaluated financial metrics of various corporations and provided result-driven solutions to executives on strategic initiatives.

  • Established policies and procedures (SOPs) to evaluate performance against long-term strategic and monetary objectives.
  • Instructed clients on portfolio performance monthly and annual basis, ensuring clients' prerequisites aligned with proposed outcomes.
  • Contributed to financial record management and ensured data integrity and due diligence.
  • Accompanied broad portfolio appraisals to reexamine goals and anticipated portfolio performance.
  • Regarded as one of the business's top consultants, consistently surpassing the annual target in production for three consecutive years.
  • Executed various investment management tasks through ERP modules.

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Financial advisor

Entry level

Managed investment portfolios for over 10 clients with assets amounting to $4 Million.

  • Delivered personalized service to each client, and conducted extensive research to discover reasonable investment prospects for sustainable growth long term.
  • Summarized and evaluated clients’ assets against their long-term financial goals to develop strategic plans to facilitate the attainment of these goals.
  • Researched and presented financial product options and investment opportunities to clients, to facilitate their financial goals.
  • Performed ad hoc data analysis, data extracts and queries using data visualization and analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel.

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