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Loan processor
Loan processor
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Loan processor


Oversaw a variety of Loan Servicing functions including Commercial, Real Estate, and Consumer loans. Processed final closing and distribution of paid loans and payoff demand statements. Guided lenders and staff regarding documentation, commercial loan booking, and underwriting compiled and stored credit and collateral files as per state, federal, and banking regulations. Analyzed loan data, documentation, and calculations per GAAP standards; identified risks and recommended policies /procedures to correct deficiencies and improve performance.

  • Conducted system data quality audits for all loans and transferred loan specifications to the Fiserv banking system; updated rate changes, borrowing base, loan grades, and payment changes into the system.
  • Resolved issues related to the overall financial integrity of banking institutions including loan investment, portfolios, capital, earnings, and large troubled accounts.
  • Performed routine credit transactions including new loan funding, advances, payments, payoff, paydown, and fee waivers.

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Loan processor


 Dynamic role requiring attention to detail and strong relations skills to evaluate multiple client applications and streamline processes.

  • Leveraged multitasking and project management skills to process a busy pipeline of loan applications.
  • Thoroughly analyzed financial data to identify inconsistencies and inaccuracies that might pose significant risks to the bank.
  • Leveraged relations skills to surpass sales goals whilst working collaboratively with loan officers to properly manage lending portfolios.
  • Coordinated cross-functional and cross-departmental collaborations to ensure the thorough evaluation of applicants’ financial histories employment backgrounds and credit worthiness.

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Loan processor

Entry level

Challenging position which prompted the development of skills required in the execution of duties.

  • Entrusted with the responsibility of receiving and organizing all correspondence and data connected to loan application of clients.
  • Developed extensive knowledge on loan processes, requirements and risks whilst working under the supervision of seasoned professionals.
  • Facilitated the calculation of client income and analysis of credit documents to determine eligibility for loans.
  • Performed assigned duties as required to facilitate office workflows and develop experience.

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Loan processor


Increasingly challenging role, requiring analytical and relations skills to facilitate loan processes from initial application until funding.

  • Took initial meetings with clients to evaluate their applications and credit worthiness, whilst also providing them with answers to their questions.
  • Facilitated loan processes from inception until successful completion by communicating requirements and risks to clients whilst organizing and verifying documents required for loans.
  • Compiled and analyzed financial data for an extensive portfolio of clients to ensure accuracy.
  • Liaised between all parties involved to ensure a seamless, error free loan process.

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