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Personal banker
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Personal banker
Personal banker
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Personal banker


Generated $1 M deposits in one year. Developed a relationship and sales plan for a diverse customer base. Provided a broad range of services including portfolio management, investment management, and credit and personal banking products.

  • Performed effective life cycle planning and developed marketing strategies for targeted clients; identified new business opportunities and grew customer base through cross-selling products and services to existing clients.
  • Processed and approved all mortgage loan, credit card, and credit line applications for Personal and Professional customers; compiled and verified application information, reviewed agreements for accuracy and compliance, and monitored time-critical turnaround requirements.
  • Provided excellent quality customer service, utilizing Gallop scoring and Mystery Shops.

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Personal banker


Responsible for a portfolio of 20 million and achieved a growth of 2 million monthly through cross-selling bank products encompassing Individual Accounts, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, etc.

  • Meticulously monitored clients’ accounts and delivered comprehensive reports to keep them up-to-date on recent developments.
  • Consistently achieved defined targets by liaising with colleagues and international branches to generate sales leads for new services.
  • Researched and updated all required materials needed to facilitate transactions for clients.
  • Facilitated a 20% annual portfolio growth by establishing and nurturing client relationships.

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Personal banker

Entry level

Brought transferrable skills from experience within the retail industry to improve client relations and optimize sales of bank services through strategic cross-selling.

  • Leveraged previous sales and customer relations skills to nurture lasting relationships with clients and build client portfolio.
  • Closely monitored client accounts to ensure that information are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Leveraged cross-selling skills to increase sales and informed customers of new and innovative bank services that would provide them with financial solutions.
  • Worked collaboratively with colleagues to ensure the premium delivery of services to clients.

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Personal banker


Developed a relationship and sales plan for a diverse customer base. Provided a broad range of services including portfolio management, investment management, and credit and personal banking products.

  • Ranked as a Top 25 Producer for the state (out of approximately 200 bankers).
  • Processed and approved all loans, credit cards, and credit line applications for Personal and commercial clients.
  • Ensure sound risk management and compliance practices; performed contractual document review, monitored time-critical turnaround requirement, negotiation, and closing coordination. Analyzed Frost Banks’s credit policy to better culture and risk appetite.
  • Trained tellers and customer service associates on how to better identify potential sales opportunities and enhance existing customer relationships.

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Personal banker


Handled a portfolio of 50 million with a growth of 5 million monthly, whilst leading a team of bankers and sales executives.

  • Successfully surpassed targets by 30% by conducting routine sales hurdles and de-briefings with the sales teams with a focus on achieving defined individual and overall branch targets.
  • Achieved a 40 % growth in branch revenue by leveraging relations expertise to build and strengthen new and existing client relationships.
  • Delivered comprehensive reports to clients on accounts status and advised them on products to purchase.
  • Optimized overall team proficiency by facilitating a collaborative work environment.

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