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Credit analyst
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Credit analyst
Credit analyst
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Financial analyst resume examples
Experience level

Credit analyst

Entry level

Conducted regular credit valuations on unsecured loan requests, provided an outcome in line with the company's credit policy, guidelines, and lending benchmarks while working meticulously with internal and external investors.

  • Developed liquidity, profitability, and credit reports of single and corporate identities being evaluated with similar establishments to determine risk.
  • Arranged spreadsheets, credited pitches for complex credit using Capital IQ and Pitchbook Data.
  • Reviewed summaries and made estimations for loan decision-makers.
  • Managed and evaluated financial annals to guarantee detailed reports, financial statements, and accounts receivable data.
  • Monitored current accounts for payment progress for various clients and organizations.
  • Collaborated with a financial team in inaugurating and retaining lien faultlessness of various collateral.

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Credit analyst


Conducted quantifiable examinations of prospective clients for lines of credit. Evaluated collateral values in processing requests and then formulated written credit-approval packages or denial memos.

  • Examined existing customers through various statistics matrix, developed scoring structures, and conducted assessments to certify that systems remained accurate.
  • Practiced general accounting principles and financial acumen proficiency in evaluating aspirants' ongoing records and gauged the applicants' financial solidness based on existing data.
  • Analyzed income growth, quality of management, market share, probable risks of the business and collateral appraisal.
  • Conducted and supervised financial statement analysis using advanced accounting expertise.
  • Supervised team leads with monthly financial reports to ensure all measures remained in line with monthly targets.

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Credit analyst


Managed a $25 million credit portfolio. Collaborated with clients to acquire necessary collateral, cultivate strong relationships, and maximize additional credit opportunities. Administered credit policies have proven to minimize losses and grow sales. Established credit lines, controlled bad debt levels across the portfolio, and mitigated risk with proprietary finance alternatives. Proactively addressed necessary credit resolutions.

  • Created a credit risk management environment of acceptable quality, in terms of established credit guidelines; developed sound, acceptable credit policies.
  • Managed account receivables and all related functions; renegotiated account receivable balances, streamlined processes, and improved client retention rates.
  • Investigated and verified financial status and reputation of prospective customers applying for credit; reviewed credit references and Dunn and Bradstreet data to determine applicant suitability.
  • Evaluated and provided analysis, conclusion, and recommendations to determine credit line amounts; communicated information to customers and team members.
  • Reviewed and adjusted credit lines regularly; revoked lines of credit upon receipt of external information pertinent to the financial strength of account.
  • Identified problem accounts and negotiated payment programs with delinquent customers.
  • Improved the department's Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO) collections rate by (40%), in less than one year.
  • Reduced bad debt by (90%), within five years.
  • Consistently reduced net bad and account receivable aging quota to less than .25% of yearly sales.

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