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Experience level



Assessed potential risks using statistics, financial theories, and mathematics. Estimated probabilities of the success of certain business decisions, projecting costs of potential natural disasters, deaths, or sicknesses of company employees, and designing insurance policies/ business strategies to reduce a company’s financial risks. Identified and analyzed key drivers of loss and reserves.

  • Prepared Actuarial models for compliance with emerging standards, including the FASB’s Targeted Improvements for Long-Duration Contracts (LDTI).
  • Developed and maintained all AXIS valuation models while overseeing the analysis and development of future model improvements/analytic capabilities.
  • Managed robust control framework and performs model testing and documentation.
  • Participated in external and internal audits.
  • Mentored and guided team members in the use and development of models and tools.
  • Assisted in quarterly and annual STAT/GAAP/TAX reserve reporting and analytics.
  • Provided data for profitability studies, pricing, and reserving.
  • Created business solutions that incorporated statistical models and computational data analysis by utilizing Generalized Linear Modeling, Principal Components Analysis, Clustering and Classification models, Multivariate regression, and Decisions Trees.

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Entry level

Executed fundamental analysis on 20+ businesses' financial statements, assets valuations and equity performances to estimate the related risks.

  • Extracted, confirmed, and interpreted data from numerous sources to develop spreadsheets and used complex statistical formulas to complete data analysis tasks.
  • Applied data mining techniques in MS Excel to conclude business prospects.
  • Automated actuarial processes using Alteryx and Visual Basic for applications.
  • Performed profitability & segmentation analyses of various business units and categorized areas that required remediation.
  • Established actuarial models and operated them for various projections. Participated in model development where needed and produced model reports.

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Supervised administrative team in generating payrolls, conducted accounts settlements, and directed overall operations in the organization.

  • Tracked all account receivable and payables that were pending and increased receivable turnover.
  • Developed financial statements based on financial data and managed database to evaluate performance.
  • Prepared compliance documents at the end of each project for auditors and internal record.
  • Directed the organization through multiple complex audits.
  • Evaluated every contract assigned for conformity and delivered all documents within required timeframe.
  • Implemented strategic cost-cutting procedures, which resulted in significant cost savings for the organization and reduced cost to 20%.
  • Liaised effectively between various stakeholders including management, clients, and attorneys.

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