Bank teller

Bank teller
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Bank teller
Bank teller
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Bank teller


Performed financial transactions including receiving checks and cash for deposit to savings and checking accounts, verifying deposit amounts, examining checks for endorsement and negotiability. Ensure compliance with security and regulation procedures for the protection of cash and other assets.

  • Entered transactions into bank records utilizing the online teller terminal.
  • Cashed customer checks and paid money from savings and checking accounts upon verification of signatures and customer account balances. 
  • Inspected all negotiable items including checks, money orders, and saving withdrawals to determine their negotiability.
  • Achieved an excellent drawer balancing record of zero shortages or overages throughout tenure.
  • Lowered average wait-time by 15%, leading to highest customer satisfaction scores.
  • Educated customers on online service offerings and mobile applications.
  • Assisted account holders access technology to enhance banking convenience via multiple self-service channels.

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Bank teller


Provided account services to customers by receiving deposits and loan payments, cashing checks, issuing savings withdrawals, recording night and mail deposits, and selling cashier's checks, answering customer questions, and referring to other bank services. Ensured compliance with bank operations and security procedures by participating in all dual-control functions.

  • Cross-sell bank products by answering routine inquiries, analyzing customers' needs, promoted banking products and services, and directed customers to a branch representative as needed.
  • Managed cash transactions through reconciliation, counted and packaged currency and coins, turned excess cash and mutilated currency to head teller, maintained supply of cash and currency.

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Bank teller

Entry level

Interactive position requiring relations and adaptive skills to provide the best service to customers.

  • Provided customers with a welcoming atmosphere upon entry into the establishment.
  • Assisted customers in their perusal of product offerings to select one best suited to their needs and preference.
  • Performed checkout procedures to ensure a satisfactory conclusion to the customers visit.
  • Routinely coordinated with colleagues to keep abreast of special service policies/requirements.

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Bank teller


Multifaceted role encompassing organizational and customer relations expertise in support of fast-paced and customer-oriented branch.

  • Meticulously managed accurate records of documentation related to each transactions, whilst ensuring compliance with defined procedural standards.
  • Provided comprehensive support on financial transactions to clientele encompassing deposits, cash transfers, withdrawals, etc.
  • Routinely updated knowledge on new bank products and services to provide clients with comprehensive information in response to their inquiries.
  • Oversaw the training of new recruits to ensure the delivery of standardized customer support.

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Bank teller


Customer-oriented position requiring communications and adaptive skills to provide exceptional customer service to a diverse pool of customers.

  • Achieved personal goal to reach a satisfaction rate of 98% from customers by consistently providing outstanding customer service.
  • Surpassed defined sales goals by leveraging relations and sales expertise to cross-sell banks products to customers.
  • Provided comprehensive customer service and assistance to customers, whilst educating them on bank products that would satisfy their financial goals and needs.
  • Escalated critical discrepancies to the appropriate department to ensure speedy resolution.

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