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Digital marketing
Digital marketing
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Social Media Marketer

Entry level

Helped with aligning keyword and SEO strategies by researching social media SEO tactics and current trends and delivering summary reports on the findings. Created original content to increase organic and referral traffic to all social media platforms. Memorized SEO best practices and basic keyword metrics.

  • Launched 3 social media communities and developed new strategies to increase brand awareness, leading to an engagement growth 35% higher than the average.
  • Increased average views by 32% by creating original blogs, YouTube videos, and tailored posts.
  • Designed editorial calendars and curated upcoming content, ensuring each blog post was keyword-optimized to increase channel growth before being published.
  • Provided timely customer support to inquiries via social media portals and email contact forms.
  • Created and monitored e-mail marketing campaigns via MailChimp to engage with inbound leads and prospective customers.

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Entry level

Researched new ways to improve organic search results by exploring strong and profitable keywords. Responded to customers’ inquiries via online forms. Helped review client websites in preparation for SEO and SEM strategy presentations.

  • Drafted reports on various SEO functions, including data collection strategies, keyword research, and link optimization. Stayed up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and documentation.
  • Researched promotional venues and link-to sites, noting instituted metrics and measuring tools.
  • Outlined a personalized email marketing strategy based on the client’s requests, including the production of graphics, call-to-actions, target messages, and templates.
  • Produced brochures and banners for advertisements as per senior management’s instructions.
  • Helped startups and small businesses in different industries rank first on Google’s search engines based on their industry and city.

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Digital marketing manager


Helped clients to enhance brand awareness and visibility, achieved market leadership, accelerated growth and revenue using paid search and SEO optimizing listings. Researched, organized, and spearheaded keywords for Pay-Per-Click service. Develop and execute successful social media campaigns that create a strong, visible online presence.

  • Architected and built a successful brand through the private label on Amazon by positioning and selling 6 different products on Amazon resulting in $4M of profit.
  • Performed Competitor Research and Market Research to articulate the product value proposition.
  • Launched and direct SEO strategies across content sites and wrote comprehensive monthly SEO/SEM reports to evaluate site performance and highlight areas of potential improvement.

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Digital marketing specialist

Entry level

Planned, developed, and executed the company’s marketing and advertising goals. Coordinated marketing initiatives to align with company standards and client accounts. Collaborated with the accounting department to ensure client campaign requirements were met on time and within budget.

  • Assisted in developing and monitoring copy and campaigns to ensure they were effectively marketing our clients’ brands and were adjusted accordingly.
  • Supported the marketing department’s goals by coordinating logistics and activities for our clients and making adjustments when necessary.
  • Encourage conversations about needed changes to tracking, updating, and shifting market techniques and trends.
  • Developed, wrote, and managed engaging content across various online channels to improve lead generation and grow market share.
  • Planned and monitored the company’s online presence on social media and made recommendations to optimize communication activities.

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Digital project manager

Entry level

Assigned to revitalize the company’s online marketing strategies. Worked within a 25K annual budget to create digital marketing campaigns, develop web applications, identify potential risks, maintain support documents, and created detailed plans and reports. Ensured projects were completed on time.

  • Utilized various analytical tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s social media accounts and made improvements that were needed.
  • Stayed up-to-date by researching market trends and made recommendations to the management team for better online advertising.
  • Ensured the digital team was adequately trained on various content management systems, project tracking software, and social media platforms.
  • Established excellent relationships with the management team, clients, and other stakeholders to ensure smooth progress within each digital project.
  • Aligned digital marketing strategies with overall business goals and documented all processes for seamless technical transitions.

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Social Media Marketing


Branded and launched an online business and developed a business plan. Implemented multi-channel sales strategy leveraged marketplaces including Zulily and Amazon. Built coherent brand and marketing strategy through value-driven marketing. Cultivated trusting relationships with prospective customers.

  • Created and aligned content for social media, blog, mailing campaigns, and press releases for a brand presentation; executed digital marketing tools including SEM, lead generation/nurturing systems, and social media optimization.
  • Facilitated email automation and email campaigns based on an Editorial Calendar.
  • Identified target companies via internet research, industry associations, business intelligence tools, and publications.
  • Successfully handled website creation and marketing programs by building up social media account across several industries which grew sales by 50%.
  • Collaborated with Creative and Sales teams to manage pipeline, develop pricing, draft SOWs, and attend pitches.

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Developed and implemented the SEO marketing strategy to support and expand marketing initiatives. Analyzed data from the monthly business plans and actual statistics to identify profitable revenue growth opportunities/insights.

  • Utilized search engine optimization(SEO) strategy to write compelling copy to boost a website’s search engine ranking. Leveraged keyword density and prominence, tone, style, and readability to organically elevate a website’s placement in a search.
  • Built brand and product awareness through Search Engine Optimization of the website to increase web search results, attracting new members
  • Work with the Director of Digital Marketing and Senior Management stakeholders to establish effective SEO strategies.
  • Drove growth through leveraging SEO strategy within an eCommerce environment.
  • Partner with IT and our web development vendor to ensure SEO best practices.
  • Managed the Learning Management System to guide members & prospective members in their buying journeys.
  • Developed content that is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality, tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience.
  • Established workflows that support the website’s content strategy.
  • Collaborated with website developers and account managers to meet Key Performing Indicators (KPIs).

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Digital marketing manager

Entry level

Worked cross-functionally with the company’s managers and coordinators to create and implement seasonal digital marking strategies based on several KPIs including awareness, conversion, engagement, and retention. Oversaw timelines and asset deliveries, and participated in cross-functional meetings.

  • Analyzed customer insights and translated them into marketing campaign development, growth opportunities, and strategies.
  • Grew brand awareness through the implementation of testable marketing plans and made adjustments based on KPIs.
  • Created client-facing visual reports that effectively displayed and communicated the success of campaign plans.
  • Assisted with monthly marketing calendar planning and updating third-party vendors to align activities.
  • Partnered with external agencies to drive the development, execution, and optimization of various digital eCommerce campaigns.

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Digital marketing specialist


Maintained client brands by developing and implementing marketing campaigns, performing market research advertising trends, strategizing with the marketing team and clients, and creating and implementing plans to help clients increase brand awareness and market growth.

  • Synthesized business goals and initiatives into achievable and measurable digital metrics to create and implement campaign strategies across numerous channels.
  • Converted competitive business by identifying needs not met by competitors, resulting in increased sales of over $100k within six months.
  • Developed and executed online customer acquisition strategies and ad campaigns for our client's products and services.
  • Monitored and consistently tested and optimized campaign initiatives to align with performance goals and KPIs.
  • Troubleshot account issues and presented recommendations to the management, IT, and marketing teams.

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Digital project manager


Designed and maintained several multi-million dollar online campaigns over 10 years for a national company specializing in retail electronics. Developed new concepts, improved user experiences, and conducted analytics to monitor, report, and resolve any technical issues without extended delays.

  • Managed the day-to-day activities and smooth operation of a variety of projects, including social media, site launches, web applications, online tools, and marketing campaigns.
  • Met with stakeholders, scoped project requirements, prepared budgets, developed detailed project plans, and monitored progress.
  • Selected and collaborated with internal teams of varying sizes to design, develop, and execute digital marketing projects of varying sizes and scopes.
  • Communicated with team members regularly to ensure everyone was on board with delegated tasks and that projects were progressing on schedule.
  • Led the development and administration of new online features throughout the company’s systems, including configuration, troubleshooting, and training users.

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