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Market research
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Market research
Market research
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Market research analyst


Provided marketing research support to top Pharmaceutical companies by partnering with 100 doctors; translated doctor’s feedback and market analysis into an effective marketing plan to facilitate the launch of pharmacy drugs and products.

  • Increased successful client meetings by 2% through cold calling for 50 potential clients per day.
  • Surpassed sales by $5M office-wide by generating potential leads through effective market research strategies.
  • Improved sales closure by over 25 % compared to peers; recognized by managers and senior executives as a customer-focused leader. Exhibited a high level of in-depth knowledge of products with a keen understanding of competitor products.
  • Transferred data to Zoho CRM and served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for 50 team members.

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Marketing analyst


Provided strategic direction and guidance to develop the marketing strategy aligning with the organization's goals. Managed end-to-end project management of key analytics creating a direct impact on internal and external clients, meeting quality goals, and delivery.

  • Played a key role in redesigning the company's product offerings in response to a quickly changing market by extensive market and developing comprehensive customer profiles.
  • Designed and programed SAS/SQL code to prepare data for analysis.
  • Performed Predictive Modeling and document existing and new SAS code and SQL code processes. Created reports and presentations to support decision-making.
  • Established and sustained strategic relationships with clients through inspiring loyalty based on mutual goals.
  • Worked directly with product vendors and corporate marketing teams to conduct research and testing for marketing.
  • Introduced a new training program to ensure all sales associates received extensive and timely training on products.
  • Evaluated competitors and reviewed prices, sales, marketing, distribution, products, purchase negotiations, and financial feasibility to ensure optimal product offerings to elevate market presence.
  • Utilized data and analytical skills to Prepare marketing plans to meet changing markets and competitive conditions.
  • Fostered a culture of collaboration and teamwork across the marketing team and trusted vendors to achieve the enterprise's goals
  • Translated customer strategies into a tactical business plan to achieve business goals
  • Collaborated with DACI, and IT Business Analysts to compile weekly/monthly/quarterly reports on segment and channel performance.
  • Reviewed competitive market data across marketing channels to influence future project work.

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Marketing analyst

Entry level

Oversaw US wholesale and retail customers by devising and executing successful marketing campaigns that create strong relationships and trigger sales. Developed detailed reports for executives within the wholesale business.

  • Provided analysis of website traffic for key clients including monthly and quarterly updates, yearly summaries, and ad hoc requests.
  • Measured campaign success against pre-defined metrics and criteria across channels
  • Analyzed social media trends and utilized analytics tools to drive traffic to web pages as well as to create blogs that capture the attention of the company’s followers.
  • Identified target companies via internet research, industry associations, business intelligence tools, and publications.
  • Generated relevant financial information for specific business cases, products, and projects.
  • Designed new queries and utilized existing query models to draw relevant customer information for the development of financial reports utilized in forecasting, trending, and results in analysis.
  • Devised an innovative process to prepare detailed board packages based on customer proposal, contract renewal, products and services, negotiations, and financial information.

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