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Communication manager


Prospered good relations with media members, clients, and internal teams to manage all communications and built strong relationships will all stakeholders to ensure business development.

  • Organized interactive sessions and activities for employees.
  • Assisted in administering national and international events to generate sales leads.
  • Worked with executive managers to write talking points and briefs.
  • Led cross-function communication among various teams.
  • Promoted and advertised marketing programs and activities.
  • Helped in the creation and distribution of monthly magazines and newsletters.
  • Provided support in analyzing brand parameters to adjust marketing campaigns as er business goals.

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Communication specialist


Supervised written and visual content development for presentations, speeches, briefs and brochures to ensure utter collaboration with marketing & advertising teams to understand business challenges and proposed creative solutions.

  • Monitored schedules to meet project deadlines complying with quality standards.
  • Analyzed performance of teams and suggested new ways for improvement.
  • Generated unique content for mass media advertisement.
  • Evaluated competitor marketing strategies and performed market research.
  • Reared reports on the company’s market value.
  • Established good relations with agencies, clients, and all stakeholders.
  • Communicated on behalf of the executive communication director.
  • Created interactive culture for team members and clients to discuss their concerns.

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Communication manager


Met clients regularly to discuss and evaluate their business solutions and maintain effective communications within the organization to enhance inclusion & diverse culture.

  • Planned and coordinated essential activities with leadership teams.
  • Established an encouraging environment to resolve employee issues.
  • Ensured two-way communication with all stakeholders.
  • Analyzed market trends and reported on the position of business in the market.
  • Assisted in drafting and editing promotional content designed for media campaigns.
  • Adopted problem-solving approach to resolve issues in time.
  • Verified the content is ready for publication by doing proofreading.
  • Led the marketing and communications staff.

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Communication specialist


Developed strategies to communicate information to internal and external audiences as well as managed public affairs, regular operations, and marketing initiatives.

  • Maintained effective written and verbal communication with all stakeholders.
  • Crafted a road map to deliver tangible results with prescribed deadlines.
  • Collaborated with other teams to ensure the accurate message is conveyed in promotional content.
  • Created written and visual informational content for official meetings and seminars.
  • Ensured effective engagement with leaders to discuss new prospects.
  • Understood communication needs and delivered results to eradicate problematic areas.
  • Handled all web portals to upload content and maintained a good customer retention rate.

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Communication manager


Managed and led all internal and external relationships of the company, as well as supervised all marketing initiatives and strategies to ensure sustainable business development.

  • Tracked activities from progression to finalization for timely completion.
  • Maintained effective communication with all stakeholders .
  • Oversaw the implementation of plans and campaigns.
  • Led design teams to develop marketing materials, including briefs, presentations, brochures etc.
  • Organized interactive sessions and activities to improve inclusion and engagement among teams.
  • Build effective relations with customers to ensure customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Attended seminars and events to gain exposure and sales leads.
  • Implemented customized marketing campaigns for critical business challenges.

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Communication specialist


Created promotional content and developed marketing strategies with the help of market research and data analysis to improve business value.

  • Assisted executive staff in preparation of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Planned, organized, delivered, and assessed advertising and media projects.
  • Generate promotional material in coordination with other teams.
  • Scrutinized targeted audience with the help of market analysis.
  • Demonstrated grip in managing social media platforms.
  • Developed and monitored schedule for social media campaigns.
  • Updated website content after necessary editing and proofreading.
  • Leveraged expert level skills in communication tools and marketing software.
  • Generated visual illustrations for summarizing complex business issues.

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