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Media buyer


Oversaw negotiation, placement, billing, invoicing, and reporting of all media for clients and the agency. Served as the go-to knowledge source for the Pod team.

  • Launched, executed, and consistently improved advertisements and landing pages with A/B tests.
  • Cultivated positive relationships with clients by providing reporting and strategy recommendations.
  • Built and optimized Facebook and paid search (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini) accounts.
  • Acted as the strategic leader and voice for all paid media-related acquisition initiatives for assigned clients.
  • Leveraged accountability strategies to drive sales to hit numeric goals.

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Media planner


Leveraged digital marketing tools to transform clients’ businesses forward by integrating structured marketing campaigns including SEM, PR, lead generation/nurturing systems, and social media optimization (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs).

  • Nurtured relationships with key trade publications, reporters, and editors; promoted interviews with influencers and affiliates to boost brand visibility. Improved annual press coverage by 30% (gift guides, product features), Fox News feature.
  • Grew customer satisfaction by proactively seeking feedback and building relationships using a consultative approach.
  • Collaborated with internal and external partners to evaluate, implement, and sustain a media plan.
  • Collected and analyzed information on different media channels, such as newspapers, radio, magazines, television, films, the Internet, and outdoor posters and digital billboards
  • Developed and led social media training program to enable clients to establish a social presence with customers.

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Managed online advertising campaigns including mobile executions, eCommerce enhanced content, product demo videos, microsites, mobile ads, websites, Facebook video ads & applications, and website maintenance.

  • Conducted cold calls, generated referrals attended various trade shows, and traveled to networking events to drive business development.
  • Provided sales presentations to win and grow new business within the account; facilitate presentations and collaborate with business teams on the most efficient, cost-effective means of production & delivery; partner with approximately 20 Print Buyers.
  • Created and executed successful marketing and print advertising campaigns that align with the client's needs.
  • Coordinated campaigns with banner ads, print ads, and targeted emails in coordination with Media Buyers across the country.

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