IT project manager

IT project manager
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IT project manager
IT project manager
Resume examples

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Experience level

IT project manager


Implemented Agile processes for Fortune 500 Clients. Oversaw day-to-day support of large, complex, product development projects and collaborates with cross-functional teams to manage resource allocations, develop program metrics, perform budget oversight, determine the scope, and provide delivery status to the executive team.

  • Contributed to the company’s market value of $1M through product innovation, effective project management, and grooming staff to become industry leaders in customer loyalty and performance.
  • Provided technical direction and leadership to teams by continually guiding, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Successfully presented effective routine Sprint review(demo) to business stakeholders.
  • Maximized company profitability by 300% in 3 years by introducing best-practice programs and high-impact operating procedures to promote sustainable development for all projects companywide.
  • Streamlined Account Receivable Operations; optimized the accounting and commerce platform by reducing the billing error rate and increased the recovery rate.
  • Launched a consistent, scalable customer contract tracking program; implemented process across 1,836 branches which significantly increased accountability and reduced time (a single report which took an internal contracts team 4 weeks now takes 30 minutes).
  • Served as point of contact for customers from design requirements, development, testing, implementation, post-go-live support, and long-term retention of customers.

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IT project manager


Captained a team of 30+ developers in delivering 15+ multi-million-dollar technology projects per year. Directed all facets of project management, including resource planning and allocation, client meetings, change management, and capacity planning.

  • Delivered all projects within the time, cost, and quality constraints by aligning the team’s activities with business objectives and establishing robust project milestone tracking measures.
  • Mitigated project risks by implementing sophisticated process analysis tools and a practical change management framework to cater to the rapidly changing business environment.

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IT project manager


Strategized, programmed, and coordinated all phases of the company’s hardware, software, and systems implementation projects. Established measures to ensure the delivery of projects within the set deadlines, quality standards, and cost reduction objectives. Resolved a wide range of technical issues, including evolving user needs.

  • Championed process improvements across all departments through revolutionary IT implementations that amplified the overall workflow efficiency by 40%.
  • Augmented the team’s performance by outlining project goals and scope, developing business-aligned technical solutions, and formulating comprehensive work breakdown structures.           

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