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Scrum master
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Scrum master
Scrum master
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Scrum master


Spearheaded adoption of Agile methodologies, thereby reducing project delivery times by 30%. Collaborated with leadership to coordinate process education and adoption across multiple departments.

  • Identified opportunity for improvement in existing scrum procedures and software development life cycles.
  • Partnered with senior leadership to schedule certified scrum master (CSM) certification.
  • Championed Agile methodology as subject matter expert (SME), providing educational presentations and department meetings to ensure proficiency with new procedures.
  • Oversaw companywide implementation and adoption efforts.

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Scrum master


Developed agile principles and scrum communication techniques in day-to-day activities related to product development. Partnered with customers, internal and external stakeholders, and all the departments (including sales and operations) articulating agile backlog priorities. Fostered team participation by implementing feedback methods and successfully created innovative workflows, which significantly reduced the accountability of team leaders.

  • Built Agile-Water fall Hybrid (Agifall) by combining waterfall and Agile Processes into one approach; resulted in increased speed, decreased cost, and improved quality.
  • Translates epics, acceptance criteria, and requirements into user stories to be completed within a sprint, further develop sprints and test to identify bugs, issues, and defects at an early stage.
  • Held daily scrum meetings and ideation sessions. Kept stakeholders apprised of project statuses and collaborated with leaders across business units to align initiatives.
  • Supervised 5 UX designers for web applications and streamlined elevator and escalator monitoring.

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Scrum master

Entry level

Spearheaded daily scrums to meet delivery goals and maintain 100% success rate with meeting software development goals YoY for 3-year period. Utilized cross-functional collaboration to ensure project success.

  • Coordinated with leadership team and stakeholders to define project requirements.
  • Championed scrum and Agile methodologies to streamline daily operations and maximize team efficiency.
  • Drove ongoing communications with developers, quality assurance (QA) testers, and product managers.
  • Incorporated feedback and initiatives updates as requested during scrum projects.

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Scrum master


Supervised 5 development teams and facilitated development and delivery of mobile application solutions to improve customer experience by 80% over 2-year timeframe. Drove strategic planning, operational oversight, and stakeholder relationship management.

  • Held routine communications with company stakeholders to outline process improvement projects and requirements.
  • Ensured proper use of and adherence to Agile frameworks across multiple sprints, test runs, and project.
  • Oversaw all aspects of the software development life cycle (SDLC), from conception through to post-launch maintenance, for 5 mobile applications.

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