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IT manager
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IT manager
IT manager
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IT manager


Launched cutting-edge technology, controlled costs, and provided innovative solutions while improving organizational efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Delivered IT operational excellence and led efficient and banking solutions.

  • Spearheaded business continuity and recovery infrastructure initiative by launching the disaster recovery program.
  • Matured IT security to mitigate risk, achieve compliance, and create a secure environment.
  • Deployed1x across the entire landscape by increasing security and enabling global roaming capability which dramatically increased resiliency, business continuity, and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Automated commercial loan underwriting process by implementing a robust Business Intelligence (BI) solution.
  • Initiated innovative comprehensive global IT Modernization Program Management Organizational Structure, significantly improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced the infrastructure annual OpEx budget by $10M, increased bandwidth and network performance at 50 sites.
  • Build MPLS GWAN at 50 large client manufacturing sites; designed and upgraded LAN infrastructure.
  • Implemented system without negative business impact while maintaining high system service level
  • Recruited, mentored, and developed employees to achieve high retention, empowering IT resources to participate in strategic transformational projects and discussions.

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IT manager


Established robust frameworks for the seamless running of the company’s IT infrastructure. Provided technical subject matter expertise in handling all technical issues raised while responding to a wide range of IT-related inquiries.

  • Amplified the IT department’s overall output by onboarding, training, mentoring, and routinely appraising high-performing teams.
  • Strengthened regulatory compliance by formulating, implementing, and enforcing policies and procedures in line with the company’s objectives and government legislations.
  • Guaranteed data security by establishing backup systems and installing intrusion prevention and antimalware software.

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IT manager


Liaised with various departments and key stakeholders in planning and executing systems installation, upgrades, and migrations. Performed exhaustive analysis of the existing systems and processes, leveraging the knowledge of evolving technologies in designing strategic improvement plans. Coordinated the purchasing of technical equipment and software.

  • Heightened the team’s output through continuous training on systems operations with a keen focus on new technology implementation, systems upgrades, and technical problem-solving.
  • Conceptualized, designed, and implemented a new operations management tool that reduced the overall costs by 20%.

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