Customer service manager

Customer service manager
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Customer service manager
Customer service manager
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Customer service manager


Brought excellent customer service to customers by meeting standards for service delivery. Ensured all front-end policies and procedures are followed, including compliance with rules and regulations. Coordinated logistics for truck deliveries, manage financial processes.

  • Reduced staff attrition 80% by designing and executing new on-boarding and training curriculum.
  • Improved store service rating from 3 to 5 stars in a year by implementing strict service standards among staff and incentivizing better performance and maintenance.
  • Achieved KPI’s and managed team performances to help them meet their KPI’s.
  • Managed and executed Shrink and Safety programs.

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Customer service manager


Worked as a customer relations manager for a mid-sized chain retail store.

  • Supervised and trained 60-70 junior employees.
  • Responsible for interviewing and hiring new talent to represent the store brand.
  • Greeted and interacted with customers while monitoring the store.
  • Handled issues relating to customer dissatisfaction and strived to improve upon common complaints.
  • Investigated faulty products and took measures to ensure that quality goods were stocked on the shelves.
  • Implemented an efficient budgeting system to eliminate unnecessary expenses and improve resource utilization.
  • Store maintained a steady increase in sales growth by 40% over an 8-year period under my supervision.
  • Represented the store brand at national conferences.

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Customer service manager


Oversees stellar customer satisfaction by anticipating and proactively meeting customer needs before they arise. Train, observe and coach sales floor customer experience teams.

  • Co-created a new consulting service delivery process that reduced wait times for new customers by up to 10 minutes.
  • Discovered and resolved financial discrepancies that resulted in recovery of $7k in additional revenues annually.
  • Piloted the performance management process to support Talent Development.
  • Generated relationships with customers and key stakeholders, leveraging close working relationships with management to encourage positive customer experiences.

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Customer service manager


Performed supervisor duties as an automotive service manager for an auto repair shop.

  • Recruited, oriented, and trained employees for efficient serviceability.
  • Provided answers to customer queries in a calm and courteous manner.
  • Reviewed yearly reports and tracked budget expenses.
  • Wrote guidelines and policies for staff to follow to ensure quality service was being performed.
  • Maintained records of vehicle repairs and fees.
  • Monitored inventory for regulation and availability of vehicle parts and repair tools.
  • Oversaw the disposal of hazardous and dangerous fluids and materials.
  • Supervised employees and wrote performance reviews.
  • Ensured that auto shop followed the OSHA rules and regulations.

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