Customer success manager

Customer success manager
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Customer success manager
Customer success manager
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Customer success manager


Handled managerial and customer success responsibilities for a jewelry boutique.

  • Reviewed job performance evaluations of employees and carried out promotions and terminations.
  • Streamlined store operations by assigning responsibilities to employees based on primary strengths.
  • Fostered relationships and solid customer bases with local community organizations and businesses.
  • Received commissions from jewelry brands that proved to be popular with long-term customer bases.
  • Managed a marketing team of 15 where ideas for advertising products and boutique services were approved and/or rejected.
  • Advised and mentored employees by sharing with them past experiences in successes and failures to help them make informed choices on retaining customers.

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Customer success manager

Entry level

Worked for a company that sold video game merchandise.

  • Collaborated with a team of 6 to come up with ideas for helping to build a customer base.
  • Performed research to find out what games were popular and made lists of purchases for senior manager to consider.
  • Interacted with customers and answered any questions they asked with professionalism and courtesy.
  • Adhered to guidelines set by senior staff in determining how to best serve customers.
  • Tested video games for ease of playability and quality assurance.
  • Created a small, 8 question survey form for customers to fill out after making purchases.

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Customer success manager


Ensure delivery of exceptional customer experience quality as senior staff member with oversight of customer renewals and enterprise-level account management. Resolves escalated customer issues with dignity under pressure and interpersonal communication skills. Partners with other business units and partners to anticipate and meet specific customer needs.

  • Increased product adoption 10% by collecting and acting on customer feedback with expanded options and product efficiencies.
  • Leveraged B2B SaaS customer success, account management, and consulting experience to build strong, trusted customer relationships.
  • Earned award for innovative account management, 2017.

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Customer success manager


Handled customer relations for a medium-sized grocery chain.

  • Conducted surveys via email for customers to fill out to learn about how to serve customers better and improve current business practices.
  • Used problem solving abilities to come up with innovative solutions to proactively attend to customer’s needs.
  • Researched new products and services to include in inventory to ensure an increase in satisfied customers.
  • Implemented customer retention strategies that resulted in a strong baseline of revenue for store.
  • Observed case studies that showed both excellent and poor customer service practices to take note of what works in maintaining a customer base.

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