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Sous chef
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Sous chef
Sous chef
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Sous chef


Managed the daily operations of the culinary department, including staff focus and productivity in high-volume, fast-paced environments. Sourced ingredients to meet customers’ dietary needs and developing new menu items to boost the restaurant’s reputation.

  • Co-managed a busy kitchen of over 35-line cooks, pastry chefs, fry cooks, and prep cooks.
  • Reduced food waste by 21% through more cost-effective food options and menu changes.
  • Monitored all kitchen sanitation practices ensuring employees followed all standards and regulations and committed to high-quality food and exemplary customer service.
  • Prepared sauces and sauteed entries for a 250-seat fine-dining restaurant event.
  • Created a well-balanced menu to meet different dietary needs, including lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan meal choices.

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