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Retail worker
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Retail worker
Retail worker
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Retail sales associate

Entry level

Provided excellent customer service to streamline the purchasing and payment processes for the customers.

  • Created merchandise displays to attract customers' attention and provided the opportunity for massive sales to boost weekly revenue by 10%.
  • Handled cash transactions and managed client returns in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Encouraged customers to register for credit card promos using a negotiation tactic for 10% more than the company's average.
  • Took the initiative to assist team members with customer service, cash operations, and retail maintenance.
  • Educated customers about various product selections to fulfill and exceed their client service experience.

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Retail customer service representative

Entry level

Performed customer service duties for an independently owned clothing store.

  • Assisted customers with purchasing and returning of items.
  • Relayed customer feedback to the manager/owner of the store.
  • Printed receipts and recorded debit and credit card payments.
  • Answered questions addressed by customers clearly and thoughtfully.
  • Greeted and welcomed customers who entered the store.
  • Cleaned up and re-arranged items in store.
  • Informed customers about discounts and specials.
  • Decorated store during seasonal and holiday months.
  • Advertised and promoted items and services on social media.
  • Created “sale” signs for use during clearances.

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Retail worker

Entry level

Interesting role requiring my adaptive and active learning skills to promptly transition into a fast-paced work environment and quickly start adding value.

  • Accurately followed supervisor’s instructions to ensure a smooth flow of daily operations.
  • Provided strategic support to customers and team members to ensure every customer has an enjoyable experience while visiting the store.
  • Assisted with opening and closing duties, to include cleaning of store floors and rearranging shelves.
  • Explained product details and sometimes demonstrated product features to customers, resulting in increased sales and overall revenue.

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Retail associate

Entry level

Exciting role requiring my customer service and collaborative skills in support of a fast –paced retail outfit.

  • Welcomed customers into the establishment and provided them with directions to the section of the store that would meet their needs.
  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction by helping customers identify services/products that is best suited to their needs.
  • Executed offsite presentations to promote products and services.
  • Maintained communication with al store associates to facilitate a smooth workflow.

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Retail sales associate

Entry level

Analyzed and determined consumer complaints or difficulties to improve the store's credibility and increased customer loyalty.

  • Checked pricing, applied discounts, printed receipts, and scanned products to notify customers.
  • Used the POS system to process returns, sales, gift card activations, and online orders.
  • Organized store merchandise displays and racks to maintain and promote aesthetically appealing environments.
  • Answered consumer queries and complaints about store policies.
  • Issued receipts and processed refunds, exchanges, or credits.
  • Supported the restocking of sales floor products in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Volunteered for extra shifts during holidays and peak hours to alleviate staff shortages.

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Retail worker

Entry level

Supported overnight storewide inventory audit prior to Black Friday sales weekend. Conducted departmentwide RFID audits and worked with store management to maintain updated documentation.

  • Worked with fellow employees to strategize audit assignments.
  • Led tracking tasks for several departments throughout the night.
  • Tracked down products and adjusted display sections as needed.
  • Maintained updated inventory documentation over the course of the audit project.

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