Customer service manager

Customer service manager
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Customer service manager
Customer service manager
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Customer service manager


Worked as a customer relations manager for a mid-sized chain retail store.

  • Supervised and trained 60-70 junior employees.
  • Responsible for interviewing and hiring new talent to represent the store brand.
  • Greeted and interacted with customers while monitoring the store.
  • Handled issues relating to customer dissatisfaction and strived to improve upon common complaints.
  • Investigated faulty products and took measures to ensure that quality goods were stocked on the shelves.
  • Implemented an efficient budgeting system to eliminate unnecessary expenses and improve resource utilization.
  • Store maintained a steady increase in sales growth by 40% over an 8-year period under my supervision.
  • Represented the store brand at national conferences.

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Customer success manager


Handled managerial and customer success responsibilities for a jewelry boutique.

  • Reviewed job performance evaluations of employees and carried out promotions and terminations.
  • Streamlined store operations by assigning responsibilities to employees based on primary strengths.
  • Fostered relationships and solid customer bases with local community organizations and businesses.
  • Received commissions from jewelry brands that proved to be popular with long-term customer bases.
  • Managed a marketing team of 15 where ideas for advertising products and boutique services were approved and/or rejected.
  • Advised and mentored employees by sharing with them past experiences in successes and failures to help them make informed choices on retaining customers.

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Customer service supervisor


Challenging position requiring customer service, leadership and multitasking expertise to fully maximize personnel capacity to deliver unrivalled customer service standards to patrons.

  • Led staff meetings to define customer satisfaction goals and delegate responsibilities based on the strengths of individual members of the team.
  • Leveraged market research and data on customer behavioral patterns to develop targeted strategies that immediately increase satisfaction rates.
  • Streamlined daily operations and liaised with the IT department to automate customer specific customer service functions to increase efficiency and build reputation.
  • Directly delivered comprehensive reports to top executives to facilitate business decision making whilst proffering informed suggestions as required.

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Service manager


Dynamic position requiring established leadership and project management expertise to direct the operations of a service department.

  • Worked in collaboration with executive management and service associates to define business objectives and design strategic service protocols to achieve goals.
  • Compiled and translated product features and customer insights into tailored service protocols that streamline customers’ experience and boost satisfaction rates.
  • Liaised with the HR department to create training manuals for employee skills development.
  • Kept abreast of market development and maintained interactions with clients to identify and harness opportunities to improve competitive edge by improve service standards.

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Client relations manager


Multifaceted role encompassing relations management, project management and HR functions in support of a customer-oriented establishment.

  • Streamlined baseline operating protocols to increase response rate to customer enquiries and expedite the delivery of practical solutions. Saving the company $200k on avoidable issues.
  • Executed HR functions and oversaw recruitment and onboarding process. Evaluated and optimized team structures to improve overall employee productivity.
  • Revamped CRM processes and introduced innovative tools to improve reporting and tracking activities.
  • Worked as a liaison between company’s executives and end customers to communicate customer expectations and design targeted strategies to increase customer experience and build loyalty.

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Customer service manager


Oversees stellar customer satisfaction by anticipating and proactively meeting customer needs before they arise. Train, observe and coach sales floor customer experience teams.

  • Co-created a new consulting service delivery process that reduced wait times for new customers by up to 10 minutes.
  • Discovered and resolved financial discrepancies that resulted in recovery of $7k in additional revenues annually.
  • Piloted the performance management process to support Talent Development.
  • Generated relationships with customers and key stakeholders, leveraging close working relationships with management to encourage positive customer experiences.

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