Customer service manager

Customer service manager
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Customer service manager
Customer service manager
Resume examples

17Customer service manager resume examples found

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Customer success manager

Entry level

Worked for a company that sold video game merchandise.

  • Collaborated with a team of 6 to come up with ideas for helping to build a customer base.
  • Performed research to find out what games were popular and made lists of purchases for senior manager to consider.
  • Interacted with customers and answered any questions they asked with professionalism and courtesy.
  • Adhered to guidelines set by senior staff in determining how to best serve customers.
  • Tested video games for ease of playability and quality assurance.
  • Created a small, 8 question survey form for customers to fill out after making purchases.

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Customer service supervisor

Entry level

Interactive entry-level position requiring close coordination with store customers to assess their needs and proffer helpful directions.

  • Welcomed patrons into the establishment, and provided directions to the portion of the store that could hold the items they need.
  • Confirmed the proper display of merchandise on shelves and monitored inventory levels to ensure prompt replenishment of fast selling products.
  • Provided training and direction to new customer service associates to ensure adherence to the store’s service standards.
  • Consistently exceeded customer satisfaction goals by leveraging relations expertise.

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Service manager

Entry level

Relations intensive position requiring cross-level professional collaborations to deliver premium service standards to clientele.

  • Came onboard as a service associate and promptly demonstrated competence, earning several commendations and entrusted to the role of assistant service manager.
  • Executed in-depth research and compiled customer insights to assist Service Manager in devising effective customer service strategies.
  • Oversaw the recruitment and training of new recruits to ensure adherence to standards.
  • Monitored KPIs and utilized CRM tools to keep track of objectives and accomplishments.

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Client relations manager

Entry level

Customer-centric role functions including market research, customer relations and troubleshooting.

  • Worked under the supervision of the client relations manager, along with 5 other associates.
  • Executed assigned market research projects to facilitate the development of cutting-edge initiatives to boost customer satisfaction and surpass set KPIs.
  • Managed company’s social media accounts with audience/customers to generate new leads.
  • Managed a portfolio of 25 clients to provide ample support and feedback on enquires.

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