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Effectively oversee and manage a portfolio of middle-market relationships covering 27 states and 43 RCBO’s.   Manage credit exposure limits of up to $10MM. Work with senior management in developing annual business plans and directing the group in the execution of these plans. Closely collaborate with partner groups to ensure that the financial needs of Wells Fargo clients are met. Oversee a variety of areas including underwriting, enterprise valuation, risk management, and talent management. Manage 3 direct reports and a team total of 9 credit professionals.

  • Recruited and built top-performing teams with a focus on employee retention and diversity; strong commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that encourages professional growth.
  • Utilized excellent business knowledge in the management and implementation of efficient and consistent credit risk assessment, reporting, monitoring, and communication across multiple locations and teams.
  • Executed strong process management skills through fostering a culture of continuous improvements and quality. 
  • Proactively developed and maintain meaningful and productive relationships with both regional and RCBO leadership. 
  • Led and engage team members by encouraging participation through communication, input, and feedback. 
  • Partnered with current managers in the development of written plans and processes focused on training, career development, and talent acquisition.        
  • Ensured adherence and compliance to risk programs in the areas of credit, market, financial crimes, and operational/regulatory compliance.

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Bank teller


Multifaceted role encompassing organizational and customer relations expertise in support of fast-paced and customer-oriented branch.

  • Meticulously managed accurate records of documentation related to each transactions, whilst ensuring compliance with defined procedural standards.
  • Provided comprehensive support on financial transactions to clientele encompassing deposits, cash transfers, withdrawals, etc.
  • Routinely updated knowledge on new bank products and services to provide clients with comprehensive information in response to their inquiries.
  • Oversaw the training of new recruits to ensure the delivery of standardized customer support.

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Personal banker


Handled a portfolio of 50 million with a growth of 5 million monthly, whilst leading a team of bankers and sales executives.

  • Successfully surpassed targets by 30% by conducting routine sales hurdles and de-briefings with the sales teams with a focus on achieving defined individual and overall branch targets.
  • Achieved a 40 % growth in branch revenue by leveraging relations expertise to build and strengthen new and existing client relationships.
  • Delivered comprehensive reports to clients on accounts status and advised them on products to purchase.
  • Optimized overall team proficiency by facilitating a collaborative work environment.

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Investment banker


Complex and challenging role requiring close coordination with clients, associates and analysts to drive workflows that aid the attainment of defined financial goals.

  • Established and nurtured an extensive network of top industry players to keep abreast of the latest developments and promptly harness investment opportunities.
  • Orchestrated multiple complex Investment Schemes, Mergers & Acquisitions and IPOs to ensure clients achieve their financial goals.
  • Managed and consistently grew a substantial portfolio by leveraging practiced skills to take calculated risks that pay off in significant growth.
  • Recruited and trained junior analysts and associated to attain a proficiency fitting of the financial institution and its reputation.

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Loan officer


Detail-intensive position requiring analytical and critical thinking skills to successfully manage a client portfolio of over $25M.

  • Led induction meetings with clients to discuss the particulars of their loan application and obtain vital information whilst also answering their questions to ensure the seamless processing of their application.
  • Consistently analyzed financial markets to identify and explore prospects for new loans.
  • Developed and maintained functional working relationships with key players in the industry.
  • Managed a client portfolio of over $25M in financing.

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Loan processor


 Dynamic role requiring attention to detail and strong relations skills to evaluate multiple client applications and streamline processes.

  • Leveraged multitasking and project management skills to process a busy pipeline of loan applications.
  • Thoroughly analyzed financial data to identify inconsistencies and inaccuracies that might pose significant risks to the bank.
  • Leveraged relations skills to surpass sales goals whilst working collaboratively with loan officers to properly manage lending portfolios.
  • Coordinated cross-functional and cross-departmental collaborations to ensure the thorough evaluation of applicants’ financial histories employment backgrounds and credit worthiness.

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Multifaceted position requiring relations, financial reporting, cross selling and collaborative skills to support a fast paced work environment.

  • Utilized practiced relations expertise to cultivate lasting client relationships, resulting in a 99% retention rate.
  • Generated sales leads for specialized bank products whilst liaising with internal and external departments to achieve bottom line corporate goals.
  • Facilitated consistent portfolio growth for the branch by leveraging relations expertise to nurture new and existing client relationships and drive sales.
  • Routinely delivered comprehensive financial reports to clients to help them maintain a clear perspective on their financial standing and recommend compatible financial products.

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