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Challenging position providing comprehensive assistance to bank customers whilst supporting corporate goals.

  • Oversaw the onboarding and training of new recruits in the company’s specified procedural standards to ensure compliance and the delivery of premium service all over.
  • Evaluated customers’ financial reports to identify needs and recommend strategic financial products and opportunities to facilitate their financial goals.
  • Consistently surpassed sales targets by leveraging practiced customer service and sales skills.
  • Worked collaboratively with colleagues to uphold defined company policies and facilitate corporate goals.

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Bank teller


Performed financial transactions including receiving checks and cash for deposit to savings and checking accounts, verifying deposit amounts, examining checks for endorsement and negotiability. Ensure compliance with security and regulation procedures for the protection of cash and other assets.

  • Entered transactions into bank records utilizing the online teller terminal.
  • Cashed customer checks and paid money from savings and checking accounts upon verification of signatures and customer account balances. 
  • Inspected all negotiable items including checks, money orders, and saving withdrawals to determine their negotiability.
  • Achieved an excellent drawer balancing record of zero shortages or overages throughout tenure.
  • Lowered average wait-time by 15%, leading to highest customer satisfaction scores.
  • Educated customers on online service offerings and mobile applications.
  • Assisted account holders access technology to enhance banking convenience via multiple self-service channels.

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Personal banker


Generated $1 M deposits in one year. Developed a relationship and sales plan for a diverse customer base. Provided a broad range of services including portfolio management, investment management, and credit and personal banking products.

  • Performed effective life cycle planning and developed marketing strategies for targeted clients; identified new business opportunities and grew customer base through cross-selling products and services to existing clients.
  • Processed and approved all mortgage loan, credit card, and credit line applications for Personal and Professional customers; compiled and verified application information, reviewed agreements for accuracy and compliance, and monitored time-critical turnaround requirements.
  • Provided excellent quality customer service, utilizing Gallop scoring and Mystery Shops.

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Investment banker


Oversaw $5+ billion investment portfolio of complex fixed-income instruments including Collateralized Mortgage Obligations, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Asset-Backed Securities Hybrid ARMs, Corporate Debt, and Money Market Instruments. Established strategic initiatives to enhance liquidity, profitability while complying with asset/liability management objectives. Educated senior management regarding portfolio management and liquidity.

  • Executed the investment operations and strategies of the bank streamlining portfolio structure, asset allocation, and risk profile.
  • Provided leadership to all trade execution and portfolio servicing activities including trade review, settlement, and documentation, corporate actions, cash, and collateral management across a range of products including bonds, swaps, and exchange-traded derivatives.
  • Monitored the compliance of financial instruments with established policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Served as a voting member of the Bank's Asset/Liability Committee for establishing strategic objectives and managing the Bank's risk profile.
  • Presented results, strategies, and recommendations to Bank and association senior management, ALCO, and the Board of Directors.
  • Instrumented processes for the ongoing assessment of liquidity and marketability of portfolio holdings.
  • Worked closely with funding and derivatives personnel in the formulation and execution of debt and derivatives strategies that support the bank's asset/liability objectives.
  • Created and maintained policies and procedures, regulatory compliance, and Sarbanes Oxley compliance documentation.

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Loan officer


Multifaceted role requiring critical thinking and relations management skills to support seamless financial processes.

  • Compiled loan and credit documents required for appraisals to process loan applications.
  • Led one-on-one client consultations to compile and assess clients’ financial standing and eligibility for loans.
  • Managed information systems, ensuring the accuracy of each loan application incompliance with established standards of practice.
  • Analyzed current trends and changes in regards to the financial market and policies to provide clients with the most up-to-date information.

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Loan processor


Oversaw a variety of Loan Servicing functions including Commercial, Real Estate, and Consumer loans. Processed final closing and distribution of paid loans and payoff demand statements. Guided lenders and staff regarding documentation, commercial loan booking, and underwriting compiled and stored credit and collateral files as per state, federal, and banking regulations. Analyzed loan data, documentation, and calculations per GAAP standards; identified risks and recommended policies /procedures to correct deficiencies and improve performance.

  • Conducted system data quality audits for all loans and transferred loan specifications to the Fiserv banking system; updated rate changes, borrowing base, loan grades, and payment changes into the system.
  • Resolved issues related to the overall financial integrity of banking institutions including loan investment, portfolios, capital, earnings, and large troubled accounts.
  • Performed routine credit transactions including new loan funding, advances, payments, payoff, paydown, and fee waivers.

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Led a team of 10 Portfolio Managers and 4 Administrative Staff covering three business lines. These lines included Minneapolis Middle Market Commercial Banking (customers with annual revenues of $20M to $500M); Twin Cities Depository & Payment Solutions (Deposit centric clients utilizing Treasury Management Solutions); and Twin Cities Non-Profit Banking (comprised of the arts, academics, sciences, and other 501c3 organizations.) Managed a total of 120 relationships with $1.5B in commitments.

  • Served as the first line risk officer and liaison to Credit Administration and Credit Risk Assessment.
  • Created an early warning system for senior management that proactively indicated changes in a client's risk profile.
  • Recruited and developed staff through well-defined training programs; earned a reputation as a leader that provided an opportunity for advancement to many other areas of Commercial Banking.
  • Mentored, developed, and positioned 5 team members for promotion to management, capital markets, and credit administration.
  • Provided underwriting, approval, and documentation support for the three business lines.
  • Coordinated all transfers to Loan Workout Specialist guiding either rehabilitation and retention or exit strategies.

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Bank teller


Provided account services to customers by receiving deposits and loan payments, cashing checks, issuing savings withdrawals, recording night and mail deposits, and selling cashier's checks, answering customer questions, and referring to other bank services. Ensured compliance with bank operations and security procedures by participating in all dual-control functions.

  • Cross-sell bank products by answering routine inquiries, analyzing customers' needs, promoted banking products and services, and directed customers to a branch representative as needed.
  • Managed cash transactions through reconciliation, counted and packaged currency and coins, turned excess cash and mutilated currency to head teller, maintained supply of cash and currency.

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Personal banker


Responsible for a portfolio of 20 million and achieved a growth of 2 million monthly through cross-selling bank products encompassing Individual Accounts, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, etc.

  • Meticulously monitored clients’ accounts and delivered comprehensive reports to keep them up-to-date on recent developments.
  • Consistently achieved defined targets by liaising with colleagues and international branches to generate sales leads for new services.
  • Researched and updated all required materials needed to facilitate transactions for clients.
  • Facilitated a 20% annual portfolio growth by establishing and nurturing client relationships.

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Investment banker


Provided personal, customized, financial counsel and wealth management services for an established full-service investment firm. Managed and retained full-service investment relationships for over 400 clients; provided and administered investment portfolio management, financial planning, wealth management, custodial, trust, and brokerage accounts, and retirement and 401K planning.

  • Coordinated and oversaw entire client relationship; served as the single point of contact, monitored changing client investments/financial objectives, and periodically re-evaluated clients’ needs.
  • Developed, expanded, and administered relationships with existing and potential wealth management clients.
  • Identified, generated, and managed new business opportunities through prospecting, lead utilization, and local market and community involvement.
  • Provided expert financial counsel to clients, guaranteed a consistently high level of service, achieved company profitability, and exceeded fiduciary standards.
  • Mentored junior account representatives; provided leadership and direction on investment services and new business generation.

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