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Entry level

While in college, took on a part-time position as a cashier for a local grocery store.

  • Established cordial relationships with patrons to provide premium services and build loyalty.
  • Efficiently processed all payment transactions in form of cash, checks, and coupons.
  • Provided assistance to customers to help them in their selection of available items.
  • Managed relations with clients and provided them with information on special offers and promotions.

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Bank teller

Entry level

Interactive position requiring relations and adaptive skills to provide the best service to customers.

  • Provided customers with a welcoming atmosphere upon entry into the establishment.
  • Assisted customers in their perusal of product offerings to select one best suited to their needs and preference.
  • Performed checkout procedures to ensure a satisfactory conclusion to the customers visit.
  • Routinely coordinated with colleagues to keep abreast of special service policies/requirements.

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Personal banker

Entry level

Brought transferrable skills from experience within the retail industry to improve client relations and optimize sales of bank services through strategic cross-selling.

  • Leveraged previous sales and customer relations skills to nurture lasting relationships with clients and build client portfolio.
  • Closely monitored client accounts to ensure that information are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Leveraged cross-selling skills to increase sales and informed customers of new and innovative bank services that would provide them with financial solutions.
  • Worked collaboratively with colleagues to ensure the premium delivery of services to clients.

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Investment banker

Entry level

Multifaceted banking role requiring quick wit paired with customer relations skills to provide customers with comprehensive services whilst facilitating their financial goals.

  • Provided comprehensive assistance to each client, resulting in optimum satisfactions and increased customer loyalty.
  • Achieved the bank’s defined sales goals by leveraging persuasive sales skills to up-sell and cross-sell product and services that would be fitting with clients’ needs.
  • Drafted and delivered routine financial reports to customers, whist educating them on their financial position and opportunities available to them.
  • Performed ad hoc responsibilities as required by supervisors to contribute towards the attainment of corporate goals.

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Loan officer

Entry level

Analytics intensive positon, requiring relations and adaptive skills to effectively perform duties in support of a fast-paced workspace.

  • Trained under the supervision of seasoned professionals to hone skills and deliver the best service to clients.
  • Created and maintained individual accounts/files in accordance with established standards.
  • Provided comprehensive consultations to clients on policies, procedures and requirements in regards to their loans.
  • Routinely drafted and delivered detailed reports to superiors to keep them updated on progresses, issues and concerns.

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Loan processor

Entry level

Challenging position which prompted the development of skills required in the execution of duties.

  • Entrusted with the responsibility of receiving and organizing all correspondence and data connected to loan application of clients.
  • Developed extensive knowledge on loan processes, requirements and risks whilst working under the supervision of seasoned professionals.
  • Facilitated the calculation of client income and analysis of credit documents to determine eligibility for loans.
  • Performed assigned duties as required to facilitate office workflows and develop experience.

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